e6: Build Your Dream with Zero Emissions

Image from BYD.com

Back in January 2010, Chinese automaker Build Your Dream (BYD) announced they were looking at joining the U.S. Market and bringing their zero emission e6 to the U.S. by the end of this year.

Two months later, the media reported that BYD was looking at moving their operations to Los Angeles. Then in early May 2010, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and BYD Executives confirmed that Los Angeles had indeed been chosen as the new U.S. headquarters for BYD.

BYD coming to Los Angeles seems to fit right in with the goals laid out by Clean Tech Los Angeles. Especially considering the fact that ECOtality’s EV Project was recently expanded to include Los Angeles and ECOtality just released “Blink”, their flagship EV charging stations with a wall-mounted version for at-home installation and a stand-alone version for commercial use.

Blink EV Charging Station image from MarketWatch.com

With zero emissions, low noise, an environmentally-friendly design, great safety ratings, ability to reach speeds of 87 mph (140 km/h) and acceleration from 0-60 in 10 seconds, the e6 is pretty good choice if you’re looking for an EV.

Unfortunately, per one of the latest updates from BYD, it’s going to be a bit before you’ll be able to get your hands on a highly regarded e6. Estimates are that there will be only 50 to 100 brought to the U.S. this year with the e6 going to the broad market in 2012.

Until that time, do what you can to keep your vehicle emissions low: keep up with regular maintenance, ensure tires are properly inflated, use a proven fuel additive, car-pool or use public transportation whenever available, etc.

Because, if you’ve ever thought of owning an EV, such as a Nissan LEAF or a Chevy Volt, you might want to check out what BYD has to offer with their zero emission e6. You never know, you might find the e6 is your zero emission dream car.


  • Stephanie

    You know I am a huge EV fan, so any post like this makes me both interested and excited!! 🙂

  • Leslie

    Awesome. I drive to eco drive whenever possible and not put the petal to medal! 😉 What and interesting concept…I’d definitely love to be the owner of an EV – e6! 🙂

  • rmassingham

    Exciting stuff. Nice looking vehicle too! Hopefully it won’t be long before hybrids and EV’s rule the roads. Thanks for sharing T!

  • Lawrence Weisdorn

    I’ll be very curious to see if they can pass on the savings on price the car fairly low.

    • Tara

      Definitely Steph – agreed, I can’t wait to check it out!

      It is pretty cool, isn’t it Leslie?! And that it’s going to be headquartered in L.A. is good too…maybe we’ll have to take a tour 😉

      I agree R! I see a lot more already on the roads, but a long way to go.

      Thanks Lawrence for checking out my blog. That’s a very good point…I’m curious too. Time will tell. 🙂

  • solargroupies

    Great news- thanks for the update- it can’t happen fast enough as far as I am concerned!

  • Arden Lafrance

    I even think that if you just rented out cars like this for just a couple of hours people would jump all over it

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