Coal-fired power plants going clean and green

coal-fired plant 

Image by Daniel Leininger

I have to be honest, the whole idea of clean coal just didn’t make sense to me.  How can you make coal clean?  What is clean coal technology anyway?  Well, for starters, Wikipedia defines clean coal technology as “an umbrella term used in the promotion of the use of coal as an energy source by emphasizing methods being developed to reduce its environmental impact.”

So, the basic idea is how to make coal less harmful to the environment when burning it as a source of energy.  That’s great in theory, but is there a workable solution?  Many organizations and groups feel that coal should no longer be used as an energy resource due to it being the source of 40% of U.S. CO2 emissions.

However there are others who see the need to take the existing (widely used) resource and make it more environmentally-friendly.  Let’s face facts, at least for now, coal-fired utility industries are going to continue to burn coal.  The challenge for them is how to make their coal burning less harmful to the environment.

I’m proud to say that Biofriendly Corporation has risen to the challenge and after years of exhaustive research and trials, the R&D team has been able to develop a version of Green Plusfor use in coal-fired utilities.  It’s very exciting as testing has shown a reduction in LOI (Loss on Ignition) of up to 55%.  (Full article here)  And using Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst has also shown a significant reduction in harmful emissions from coal-fired power plants, with an added bonus of reported thermal efficiency improvements as high as 4%.

Looks like there might be a future for coal to get cleaner and greener.  If a liquid fuel catalyst can make a coal-fired power plant more efficient and lower the harmful emissions from the coal, I’d say that’s a good step in the right direction.

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