Chicago Is Going Green: The Infrastructure Plan That Will Reduce Energy Consumption


One of the largest cities in the United States, Illinois’ Chicago, is a favorite around the world. Recently in the midst of different conversations, Chicago has caught onlooker attention thanks to the various projects it is planning to see through. One of the most recent statements has been the intention of reducing the energy consumption in the city.

Lighting Renovations Start the Process

On that note, Chicago’s City Council, the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, and the Chicago Department of Transportation all teamed up and started a huge lighting renovation. Over the course of the next four years, for the cost of $160 million, the sheer number of 270,000 city public lights will be substituted. This may sound impressive, and actually is, but wait till you hear the whole of Chicago’s green infrastructure plan – then we can talk impressive.

Backed by the city’s number one fan, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has already created multiple billion-dollar infrastructure programs. Not only have the programs created jobs, but they have also focused on upgrading a series of areas and specific infrastructures around town.

Adding in a High Speed Rail Link

One of the most important infrastructure developments that will be featured in the new Chicago, is the building of a high speed rail link that connects downtown Chicago, to International O’Hare Airport. The train would be known as the “O’Hare Express” and would take travelers to the city and/or the airport in 20 minutes. The project was proposed by Emanuel back in November, and listed the wish of finding companies interested in financing, designing, building, and then managing the line. The deal would be a profitable one for whoever chooses to invest, seeing how they would then be receiving the income generated by advertising and ticket sales. The deal is even more profitable if one keeps in mind that forecasted growth of passenger traffic between the airport in the city will grow from 20,000 to 35,000 by 2045.

Renovations of Existing Structures

And speaking of trains and stations, another project on the horizon is the $1 billion budget set forth by USA president Donald Trump for the remodelling of 92-year-old Union Station. The station handles around 120,000 passengers and 300 trains daily, making it an important hub to the city. The renovation is said to create 1,000 new jobs, another important detail that mayor Rahm Emanuel has expressed himself on in several instances. In fact, six years ago Emanuel announced the “Building a New Chicago” project, which focused on creating more jobs and opportunities for people in and around Chicago. The mayor’s office sustains that since then, the project has added 600,000 new jobs. Now, the Emanuel has said he plans to add another 40,000 jobs by adding new work projects.

With such positive outcomes already having come from past projects, it is only a matter of time before the new green infrastructure plans and renovations add their own positive spin to Chicago.

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