Biofriendlyblog’s Weekly Greens 4/1/11

Image by Andrew Stawarz

Days can get hectic and we can get so caught up in our work and lives that we sometimes miss articles we would have liked to have known about or read. Along that line, I wanted to share with you a few of the green and/or environmental articles I came across this week that I thought were worth sharing. So, onto this week’s Weekly Greens:

1) GoDaddy CEO Hunts and Kills Elephant, Posts Video Online – You might already be aware of this one. It’s one that I pretty much wish was posted on April 1st as a cruel April Fools’ joke. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. On a positive note, there are many people in the world honoring animals in the world, such as this story about an award given to the dolphin who saved two whales.

2) Obama Outlines Plan for Advanced Technology Government Fleets by 2015 – Since the government currently has a fleet of about 600,000 vehicles, making this switch could save around 11 million barrels of oil. Of course, they could also check out Biofriendly’s Green Plus® to help lower emissions on an immediate basis.

3) Solar Panels To Be Installed On “Roof of the World” – We’ve got solar in deserts, on buildings and homes, at sea, etc. so why not put solar panels on one of the closest places to the sun? Only makes sense don’t you think?

(Note: Not actual image of planned solar panels) Image by Desmond Kavanagh

4) Here’s one that came across my plate not too long ago. For anyone looking to get a little greener when it comes to their laundry. The Green Garmento™ put together a 4-in-1 eco-friendly, reusable garment bag. So much better than buying separate items and definitely smarter when it comes to bringing your laundry back from your dry cleaner. Check it out, even Mike “The Situation” is going green with his GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) bag.

5) As you’ve probably heard, both Coke and Pepsi have come out with plant-based bottles. Pepsi’s is completely plant-based with 100% non-plastic while Coke’s is apparently only 30% plant-based.

However, when it comes to bottled drinks, it would be smarter for the environment to forgo bottled 100%. Did you know that over the past 12 or so years there has been a 700%  increase in plastic bottles sold? And I’m pretty certain not even 1/3 of those are being recycled. So that’s why when it comes to the world of bottled drinks, I think redleaf® got it right when they set out to have a Bio Bottle. The industry’s first biodegradable and recyclable water bottle (unlike plant-based bottles) .

Image courtesy of redleaf

6) Using Traffic to Generate Electricity: This is one that is so simple it kind of makes you go, “Of course, why didn’t I think of that?”. Just think of how much electricity could be generated in certain areas. Foot traffic in New York alone could really get things charged up!

7) Okay, this one is just to make you smile! Watch as an entire flash mob rejoices over a lone recycler.

Last but not least, this is an inspirational story that hopefully will inspire you to get out and ride your bike. I mean, if this 103 year-old man is still riding a bike, there’s no reason the rest of us shouldn’t be doing the same. Remember how much fun you had as a kid riding your bike?

So, go outside this weekend and ride your bike or at least go for a hike. Time to get your personal dose of green! I hope you have a truly biofriendly weekend.

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