Biofriendly trips: Eat, drink and relax green

biofriendly trip 

Image by Dennis Wong

I know you may be wondering why I’m bringing up trips now…didn’t everyone just get back from their winter holidays?  While that may be true, many people are already planning their Valentine’s Day getaways.  I mean really, who wouldn’t enjoy a romantic and relaxing getaway for Valentine’s Day?  I know I would.  But did you know there are biofriendly trips you can plan that not only provide you with all the relaxation and comforts of a “regular” vacation, but they help you have a greener vacation too!

Here are a couple of examples for you – courtesy of Sunset magazine (Note: Sunset Traveler also has great tips and ideas for places to go):

  • Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Newport Beach, CA.  If you book their “Generosity Massage”, you not only get a relaxing aromatherapy massage, but 10% of the proceeds from your purchase go to help protect state beaches.  You could even book their “Eco-Chic”, which is a head-to-toe organic treatment using biodegradable, chemical-free products, followed by a cup of organic green tea.  Either of those sound WONDERFUL to me.
  • Edna Valley Vineyard in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Their vineyards have been blessed with the salty air that flows in from the ocean just 5 miles away.  So while you sit back to enjoy a refreshing glass of wine and soak in the view, consider becoming a member of their wine club.  A donation of $5 per delivery goes to Ocean Conservancy.  Good tasting wine and helping save our oceans…not a bad combo.
  • Market Foray in Santa Barbara, CA.  Not your typical trip, but apparently worth the investment.  This trip is an excursion that starts with shopping (for local, seasonal and organic foods), is followed by cooking sessions with Laurence Hauben (a French-born chef and food writer), and ends with eating the wonderful dishes you have learned to prepare.  So while you are supporting the local economy, you will also be able to enjoy the tasty treats you prepare and hopefully….will bring home some tricks of your own on shopping local and eating more organic.  Farmer’s Market, here I come.

Whether you choose one of these biofriendly trips or whether you plan a spectacular trip of your own, keep in mind that every trip you take will have some effect on global warming or climate change.  So take the time to plan ahead, use your GPS to help save time and gas, ensure you are using a proven fuel additive, check the pressure on your tires and last but not least, have a GREAT vacation!

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