Besides gasoline, what else are you using with Petroleum?


Image by Daquella manera

Do you have any idea how many products you could be using on a daily basis that contain some form of Petroleum?  If you think it’s mainly found in gasoline or gasoline products, you’d be mistaken. 

Petroleum can sometimes be found in things such as plastic, synthetic rubber, paints, pesticides, detergents, dry cleaning chemicals, food additives, pain relievers and even synthetic fibers in some of the clothes you wear.  Now I’m not trying to alarm you, but it is something worth checking out.

While I was checking this out, I found a good blog on the use of Petroleum in Cosmetics.   It covers some of the different cosmetic products that sometimes include Petroleum: foundation, cleansers, moisturizers, etc.  Check your makeup and see if yours has Petroleum.  If it does, I’d recommend switching to something like Aveda.  They promote using pure flower and plant essences in their products along with 90% of their essential oils being certified organic.

I’m hopeful that less and less cosmetics are using Petroleum in their products and turning to more organic and natural substances.  I don’t know about you but I’m not very interested in putting Petroleum on my face or body for that matter.

Now here’s another question for you…if you are using other types of products with Petroleum in them, shouldn’t you use a fuel additive?  Okay, I’m just joking about that.  An effective fuel additive is designed to help the fuel in your engine burn more completely.  It works well with gasoline or diesel in your engine, but why would you use Petroleum in some other types anyway?  Maybe manufacturers should just skip some of the Petroleum based products like cosmetics, clothing, detergents, etc all together.  I’m sure it is better in the long run.

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