Biofriendly Tips to Help You Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

The kids are out of school, summer is here and despite rising gas prices many families are planning to hit the road at some point this summer. In fact millions of people are expected to be making a trek to their favorite vacation destinations this year. Some will be traveling by plane, some by train, others by bus, but the most common mode of transportation will most likely be by car. Due to this fact, it is important that you take some biofriendly steps to help you extend the life of your vehicle. Following these tips can help keep your car running, your vacation enjoyable, lessen the impact on your budget and help lower your overall environmental impact. These tips also apply whether you are going on a business trip, a much-needed family vacation, you are planning on taking the weekend off, or you just need to get away from your daily routine.

Making Your Old Car Run a Little Greener

Let’s face it, not everyone is driving around in an electric or hybrid vehicle. Although estimates show there are approximately 2 million hybrid gas-electric and/or electric-diesel vehicles on the road today, there are still many more gas-guzzlers out there. The trick then becomes how to make your current car run a little greener. Trying some of these simple ideas can go a long way towards making your older car more eco-friendly.

Another smart idea, and one of the easiest ways to go green, is to invest in a proven fuel additive. Biofriendly Corporation has a patented, green technology that has been proven to significantly improve your vehicle’s ability to burn fuel in a cleaner manner, thus reducing your harmful emissions and improving your fuel economy at the same time. Visit our products page if you would like more information or want to purchase the Green PlusĀ® fuel additive for your vehicle. (Biofriendly Corporation is currently offering a 2 for 1 special to help get you on the road to driving greener this summer.)

The Worst Things You Can Do to Your Vehicle

Although it is important to take measures to help extend the life of your vehicle, it is equally as important to not do things which will harm your vehicle or cause it to break down unnecessarily. Failing to perform regular vehicle maintenance, ignoring vehicle warning lights and other such actions can all lead to very costly repairs in the future. Besides, nobody wants to find themselves stranded on the side of the road when they should be on vacation. So take a few minutes and learn 10 of the worst things you can do to your vehicle.

Tips for the Beginner, the Expert and Anyone in Between

If you are already familiar with some of the basic actions you can take to lower your emissions, improve your fuel economy and extend the life of your vehicle, you may be looking for something a little more substantial. Whether you are a new driver, you’ve been driving as long as you can remember or you are somewhere in between, I’m pretty sure you will be able to find something within these 74 tips to extend the life of your car that you can put to good use.

Now That You are Driving Greener, It’s Time to Start Cleaning Greener Too

One of the things that is often forgotten when it comes to extending the life of your vehicle is employing eco-friendly cleaners. Yes it is key to perform regular maintenance and tire pressure can make a big difference on fuel economy, but how about the cleaning solutions you are using as a windshield washer and/or to clean the surfaces of your vehicle? Those can and should be biofriendly products as well. To help you clean green, try some of these eco-friendly car washing tips. Using biodegradable and earth-friendly car cleaners or opting for a waterless wash are my personal favorites.

Remember that almost everything we do has an impact on the environment where we live. That doesn’t mean we should stop doing things, it simply means that we should be aware of the impact we are having and we should take biofriendly measures to help lessen that impact. Taking steps to extend the life of your vehicle is merely one way to help lessen your environmental impact yet still allow you to get where you need and want to go this summer. Happy travels!

Photos by Liz West, Grant C and David Becker via Flickr Creative Commons

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