Advances in Tech and Development Assisting the Sustainability Movement

advances in tech and development assisting the sustainability movement

Credit: Galeanu Mihai

While the world has been “going green” for a while, increased awareness and education over the years have contributed to higher rates of sustainable living. But it is only recently, with major advances in tech and development, people have really been able to turn their big ideas for saving the world into action. 

Now, with the technology we have at our fingertips, it’s much easier for everyone to get involved, not just the scientists. So, let’s take a look at some of these big changes sparked by education and awareness, as well as how we can further our efforts to create a more sustainable world. 

Digitalization: The Green Frontier

The advancement of digital technologies is one area of tech that has made the biggest difference where the sustainability movement is concerned. Digitalization has not only enabled us to connect and share knowledge more easily, which has helped with spreading awareness about climate change, but digital technologies have also enabled numerous industries to make their business processes more sustainable

Digital technologies have also allowed us to manage resources better — and dwindling resources have been a major concern of climate change activists and scientists for years. Now, we can more easily reduce the impact of humans on the world and consume fewer resources, like fossil fuels. 

Some examples of how digitalization has enabled sweeping sustainable changes include:

  • Digital farming: Enabling us to produce food more efficiently
  • A reduction in paper use: Cutting down fewer trees
  • More efficient data centers: Allowing us to reduce carbon emissions from energy use
  • More sustainable energy production: Solar panels and wind farms
  • Smart home technology: Better management of household energy consumption

These are just some examples of the many ways digital technologies are furthering sustainability efforts. As technology advances, there’s no telling what we can accomplish 10, 20, or 30 years down the road. 

Sustainable Tech in Business

While many businesses have been going digital for years, many more have still been behind in that arena. This is largely due to access to technology and the high cost. But, we’ve come a long way and sustainable technologies are now more accessible and more affordable, making it much easier for businesses to get their hands on them. 

Furthermore, businesses are also realizing using these technologies not only benefits the planet, but it can help their company save money, too. Executives in the IT industry, for instance, are now making sustainable tech a top priority, as it can help them optimize costs and energy performance. 

Stakeholders of IT companies are particularly taking note of how adopting a more sustainable approach to doing business can benefit their business and their customers. Specifically, they view sustainable technology as a means to achieving better environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes

Technologies like cloud services, management software, AI-powered systems, supply chain blockchain and advanced analytics are enabling these companies to reduce their impact on the environment, while also streamlining their operations for more efficiency, which benefits the business and its customers. 

Green Architecture and Resilient Design

Sustainable technologies have enabled companies to make leaps and bounds in the construction and development sector. The construction industry has accounted for around 40% of all carbon emissions, but major efforts are underway to change this. 

With new technologies, construction and development processes are not only more sustainable, but so are the materials being used. Resilient design, for example, is the practice of designing and constructing stronger buildings that will last longer. 

The idea is to create structures capable of withstanding natural disasters and other threats, reducing the need to constantly construct new buildings. One way of doing this is using sturdier, more eco-friendly materials, like green steel, which is steel manufactured without the use of fossil fuels. 

Sustainable Communities

How we live and work together as communities is also changing and improving thanks to technology. Digitalization makes it much easier for people to connect with one another, so they can come together more easily to build sustainable communities, while also enabling them to get their hands on the resources they need to put their ideas into action. 

For example, more communities are now finding better ways to improve their transportation thanks to technology, they are building sustainable community gardens and more sustainable housing and they are more easily able to connect and unite for sustainable volunteer projects to support eco-friendly causes. 

In Summary

Building a better and brighter future as part of the sustainability movement is now more possible than ever with recent advances. And as such, there’s no more room for excuses. Everyone and anyone can get involved now and mitigate their impact on the environment. With such easy access to technology today, change is just one click away.

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