7 Eco-Friendly Tips to Keep Your Home Bug-Free This Spring

Photo by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga on Unsplash

Spring is the best time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and grill in your backyard. The warm weather is refreshing after many long months of freezing rain and snow, but you’re not the only one enjoying the change in climate. Bugs also crawl out into the sunshine and start looking for food or hosts, which can lead many into unsuspecting homes.

Don’t compromise your eco-friendly beliefs to protect yourself and your loved ones from pests. Use these seven tips to keep your home bug-free this spring without relying on chemical-based products. These are simple solutions you can use whenever you start seeing bugs in your home:

1. Check Your Window Screens

The first thing you want to do when there’s a pleasant breeze is to open your windows. It’s nice to get fresh air in your home and get rid of stagnant odors, but you could also unintentionally invite bugs inside.

Check your window screens for any torn corners or holes. If you have any, patch them up so the screens can catch debris and bugs effectively. These screens put in work by purifying your air and keeping your home pest-free.

2. Use Vinegar as a Cleaner

If you make household cleaners with vinegar, it will repel pests and kill bacteria because of its acidic nature. Add your favorite essential oils so your cleanser has a pleasant scent as you spray or scrub with it.

3. Garden With Coffee Grounds

Bugs can make a home in your indoor plants, so mix coffee grounds into the soil to deter and kill mosquitoes. It’s delicious to most humans but toxic for many pests to encounter.

4.  Decorate With Mint Satchels

Leave tiny bags of mint around your home so the mentha deters and kills pests like mosquitoes and gnats. As long as the packets allow the scent to circulate, they’ll decrease how many pests you need to remove from your home.

5. Clean the Garage Routinely

Clutter and moisture attract bugs so, keep them out of your garage by cleaning it routinely or at least once a week. Both puddles left on the cement floor and dark hiding places under clutter generate a safe and welcoming environment for small bugs.

6. Get Rid of Waste

Pests want to come inside to eat and live in your food waste, so don’t leave it lying around. Recycle food containers and compost uneaten scraps of food so you don’t accidentally create the perfect environment for bugs to thrive in.

7. Grow Indoor Plants

Enjoy your spring gardening by bringing the plants inside. Growing indoor plants like mint and basil will produce pleasant odors bugs can’t stand. Look into raising something like lavender, which fights fleas, beetles and flies while being a simple plant for any gardener.

Try Something New

You may not have tried these methods to get rid of bugs in your home, but this spring is the perfect time to experiment with something new. Grow different plants, leave mint around your home and clean your garage regularly so the bugs decide to live somewhere else this year.

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