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5 Ways to Make Your Family More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living

Looking for a way to make your day-to-day living more sustainable and eco-friendly? Here’s what you and your family can do to adopt an ethical lifestyle that will help preserve the environment. 

Switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet or simply eat less meat

Ethical eating is vital to a lifestyle that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. At the heart of being eco-friendly, ethical eating can help our planet significantly, helping reduce your carbon footprint. That being said, farming animals for meat and dairy results in a mass extinction of wildlife, since more agricultural land is needed for animal feed production.

However, by moving away from this meat-dominated diet, you can reduce the negative impact on the environment, as well as lower your food bills. While cutting the consumption of red meat and dairy will make a change, the best way to slash your carbon footprint is to make a switch to an alternative diet. By following a vegetarian or vegan diet, you are sure to lose some weight and save money while helping the environment – what’s not to love about that?

Compost your food scraps to reduce the amount of food being wasted

Another way to live more ethically is to compost. A great way to make natural fertilizer, composting helps keep your garden green while also saving a significant amount of food from going into dumpsters and landfills. Therefore, it helps in reducing the amount of food being wasted, so you don’t have to feel guilty if a couple of food items went bad – you can still use them to feed your soil, so technically, you’re not being wasteful but rather putting stale food to good use.

By composting, you’re also eliminating the need for commercial soil fertilizers, enriching your soil with nutrients and microorganisms that will enhance the growth of your plants in a natural, eco-friendly way. By making composting and recycling your everyday practice, you and your family will help reduce your carbon footprint, improve your soil, and also save money and resources – it’s a win-win situation!

Purchase from smaller companies that produce handmade items 

While there’s no correct way to decorate sustainably, there’s one rule when it comes to selecting decoration for your home, and that is – making environmentally conscious choices. Fairtrade and ethical processes are ways of promoting sustainable living, thus ensuring a lighter footprint on our planet. Purchasing from small businesses is a great way to support those processes and also enrich your home with items produced ethically.

Decorate your home with the sustainable, eco-friendly approach – breathe new life into art or an object with a piece of history in it and upcycle things so you can reuse them. Infuse your living space with both style and comfort with an eco-friendly sofa made from recycled materials and top things off with a couple of handpainted, gorgeous coastal cushions – designed with love and made with care, they will be the perfect accessory to warm up your cozy home.

Get your clothing from transparent and trust-worthy brands

More and more often we hear about the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment and the havoc it could cause if we don’t put a stop to it. The situation is becoming increasingly alarming as the fast fashion industry climbs to the position of the second largest polluter in the world. Not only is it harmful to the environment, but it also provides the workers with poor working conditions and salaries not enough to cover even their most basic monthly expenses. One way to put a stop to this is to get your clothing from brands that are transparent about their way of producing garments to make sure the garments you’re wearing are made in an ethical way.

Conserve energy to reduce your carbon footprint (and save money)

Last, but not least, another amazing way to help the environment is to pay attention to the amount of energy being used in your household on a daily basis. Don’t waste any energy – turn off your devices instead of leaving them on standby to eliminate vampire power usage, and adjust your day-to-day behaviors. Make it a habit to turn the lights off and install LEDs wherever you can to ensure minimum energy consumption. Consider upgrading the appliances in your home to their energy-efficient versions. They use a lot less energy than their counterparts from the past decade, ensuring an enormous reduction of your family’s carbon footprint.

Being ethically-aware and basing your lifestyle choices on preserving the environment are some of the best ways to help our planet. Incorporate the habits above into your everyday living to make a significant impact and protect Mother Nature.

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