5 Ways to Keep Costs Down By Recycling Your Move

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Moving somewhere very soon? If this isn’t the first time that you’re moving to a new home, then you may already know that the entire process can be a little hard on your pocket because you need to hire one of the local moving companies and spend a lot on supplies like boxes, plastic wraps, and other packing materials. Cut down the costs by following some of the tips and tricks below.

1. Find Free Boxes

Recycling is the keyword here. Instead of buying new boxes, try to look for old boxes that you can still use. You may also ask family members and friends if they still have the boxes they used from their last move. You can definitely reuse the boxes used for appliances and furniture. For this, you can check out stores and retailers if they can provide you with some. You may also find other suitable containers in your home that you can use. Good examples are laundry baskets, bins, and crates.

2. Use Clothes & Towels for Breakable Items

Plastic wraps can get very expensive if you’re going to buy rolls and rolls of them. But you don’t really have to purchase them because you can always use towels and clothes, especially your sweaters, to wrap breakable items. Just pile them inside the box neatly and tie them with yarn if needed. Speaking of clothes, you don’t have to put them in boxes either. Just put any you haven’t used for packing into a bag and then place them right back in the closet/wardrobe. Just secure the closet/wardrobe with a key. You may also use locked drawers and cabinets as containers.

3. Donate What You Can

You may find yourself getting too sentimental about your stuff, but don’t be. Days before your move, sort the things that you can donate to charities. Then throw away some of the old stuff you don’t need and cannot recycle, reuse or repurpose. You may also want to sell some of your nice, but unwanted, items. The less you bring, the lower the overall costs will be.

4. Sort Through Your Food

Some of the most difficult things to pack are perishables in the refrigerator. Before you get ready to move, do a quick assessment of what food items you can bring along and will still be usable when you get there. As for the rest, consume them ahead of time so you won’t have to pack them up or waste them. Do this for all the leftovers and unsealed items inside your fridge. You can also recycle food containers to reuse when packing food or other household items.

5. Consider Doing Everything Yourself

Requesting packing and moving labor is an added expense. You’ll be paying for the number of people who will pack your things and load them into the truck. If can do all of these things on your own and just pay for the rental of the truck, then that’s going to save you a lot of money.

These are some good tips that would allow you to keep your moving costs down so you can ease up to your new place with less stress and hassle. You don’t really have to pay too much for the move for as long as you get creative and smart. Follow these tips for your current move or future movers and you will be done in a breeze.

Author Bio: Biofriendly Planet Magazine would like to thank Brandon Morris for his contribution. Brandon has lived in the DFW area his entire life. He currently lives in Denton County with his wife of 12 years & 2 children. Brandon loves to travel, go to his kids’ sporting events & attend festivals with the family.

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