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5 Reasons Composting Will Make You a Hero

composting garden

Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden image by Ruth Hartnup via Flickr Creative Commons license.

Is it true? Is composting really the magic pill it’s made out to be? Can you protect the world just by making some dirt?

Composting is much more than that. It’s actually a way of giving back to the planet, and something that will make you a hero in the process.

Composting Kitchen Waste

What is composting?

Composting is something Mother Earth has been doing for millions of years.

You take organic waste, like animal, vegetable and mineral waste, and provide it with the right amount of air and water. This will cause the waste to decompose and eventually create a rich, nutrient-dense, organic matter that is compost.

Can composting help you save the world?

The world is suffering because humans are actively polluting the resources they need. Air, water, and soil have to face the worst of this pollution.

Since approximately three-fourths of the waste generated by households is organic, this waste can be turned into compost rather than carted off to landfills. Simply adding your organic waste to a compost bin or pile can help do wonders.

The lives of our future generations lie in our hands. We are called to be the heroes the world needs and composting can help us become those heroes. Here’s how:

1. Composting gives back to Earth what belongs to it.

It’s a lifecycle.

All living matter on Earth goes through the cycle of birth, life, and death. It then become nutrients for the other organisms that live.

When you compost, you help this natural cycle of the planet. And keep the life cycle going.

Whether it’s dried leaves, grass clippings, kitchen waste, or coffee grinds, everything organic can be composted.

2. Builds a home for our fellow organisms

The world belongs to every living being.

The soil in your garden is a complex ecosystem that is home to many organisms.

Birds, animals, insects, bacteria, nematodes, plants, and trees are some of the inhabitants of this magical existence.

Composting provides them the food and shelter they need to thrive and improve the health of the soil in the process.

3. Saves the most precious resource of the planet

Water is the foundation of life.

The Earth is about 75% water but we can only use a limited amount of it. And with blatant misuse, our water sources keep on declining.

Composting helps makes the soil loamy which means it can retain a lot of moisture. So your plants can get the water they need without wasting the excess that drains away.

4. Protects plants from pests and diseases

Composting helps the ecosystem that drives this planet. And the inhabitants of the ecosystem take care of each other.

The friendly insects, birds, and bacteria eat up the pests intent on destroying the plants. The rich, nutrient-dense soil composting can provide keeps your plants healthy and free from disease.

5. Helps in reducing global warming

Global warming is happening whether we like it or not.

A large amount of biodegradable material ends up in landfills and incinerators. The methane gas this produces contributes to warming up the planet at an alarming rate.

Composting will help reduce the waste that ends up in these places and make you a champion in your efforts to reduce global warming.

vegetable peelings for compost


You now have a choice.

A choice to make a difference. A choice to save this planet. A choice to be the hero we need.

Start composting and make the world a better place.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your own compost, what types of items can be composted, the different types of composting methods, the various ways to put your compost to use and how doing all of this can help in saving the world, check out our ultimate guide to make your own compost.

Author Bio: Kevin Rodrigues is a developer-turned-blogger who helps people learn about gardening through his website, Gardening Mentor

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