5 Easy Ways to Contribute on America Recycles Day

Image by Jaine / Creative Commons

Although November 15th, 2011 is the official America Recycles Day, there are actions each of us can take every day of the year to increase recycling and reduce waste. You are probably already aware of the importance of recycling and why it is better for the environment. Maybe you even take steps now and again to recycle. The question is…how can you contribute today, right now, to the recycling movement?

Here are 5 easy ways to contribute on America Recycles Day:

1) Take the America Recycles Day pledge: New Year’s resolutions, personal declarations, and all manner of decisions start with a pledge. Pledging you will do something is one of the first steps towards reaching your goal.

2) Get yourself a recycling bin: Think about it. Whether large or small, a recycling bin serves to remind you, on a daily basis, that you should recycle certain items rather than trash them.

3) Get educated: Learning what can and cannot be recycled is key. There are many things people throw away which could in fact be recycled. Take a few minutes and get yourself educated.

4) Switch from disposables to reusables: Go through your home and find one-use, disposable items. Figure out what reusable items you could use instead and use those. In other words, instead of grabbing a bottle of water, grab a reusable water bottle. Instead of using paper towels to wipe up every kitchen mess, use a washable rag.

5) Reduce your waste: The best way to reduce waste is to not buy as much in the first place. This is a key point, especially with the holidays coming up. Why buy tons of new things, just to have them lying around, when you can reuse existing items or buy/trade to get gently used items.

As americarecyclesday.org says:

“One day to educate. One day to motivate. One day to make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year. Get Involved!”

What steps do you take to recycle or contribute to generating less waste? Even the little actions add up quickly and can make a big difference. So, in honor of America Recycles Day, take a few minutes and make a decision to change how you think about recycling.

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