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10 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

natural ways

Instead of covering up bad odors with chemicals, there are eco-friendly ways to make your house smell better. Try out these natural ways to make your home smell amazing.

1. Use Your Own Detergent

Use natural ingredients to make your own detergent so your home can smell better. Distilled white vinegar replaces fabric softener when you pour a cup of it into the washer during the rinse cycle. It’s possible to make DIY, body-safe detergent by mixing castile soap, borax and washing soda. Your home will smell better when your entire closet smells better.

This option is eco-friendly because you save resources by making something at home. Using natural ingredients also is better for the water and your clothes. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for the best-smelling laundry.

2. Get a Bouquet

Bouquets are a beautiful way to bring fantastic natural smells into your home. Gather flowers from the outdoors, your garden or find a sustainable vendor. Flowers like lilies, roses, lilac or jasmine are perennials that have strong and distinct smells. Peonies, irises and lavender have more subtle scents, but the added benefit of being more allergy friendly

Mix and match the flowers in your bouquet to make a personalized fragrance. The pop of color will also brighten up any room.

3. Simmer Fruits and Spices

Simmering fruits and spices on the stovetop is a great way to get your home smelling great. You can pick whichever fruits you’d like, but oranges and lemons work best. Throw in cinnamon sticks or vanilla for some added sweetness. This uses all-natural ingredients — the only thing you’re putting into the air is steam from the water and scents from the fruits and spices.

4. Open Those Windows

Opening a window is a super easy way to let some natural smells enter your house. This also works if you want to get rid of odors and improve indoor air quality. Just open a few windows and let the sunlight and the air inside your home — doing so will bring in an airy and fresh scent.

5. Clean With Lemon

You can use lemons to clean and deodorize your home. Lemons’ acidity makes powering through tough messes and smells simple. Get rid of smells in your kitchen by wiping things down with a mixture of lemon juice, water and sea salt.

6. Pour Boiling Water

Sometimes, eliminating bad odors is the best way to improve your home’s smell. A garbage disposal smells because it holds a bunch of old food. Instead of pouring harsh chemicals down your sink, use water as an eco-friendly solution — bring water to a boil on your stovetop and carefully pour it down the drain. Run your garbage disposal as you do this. The boiling water should keep your home smelling great.

7. Vacuum With Baking Soda

Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet. It might initially feel odd, but you’ll notice the difference quickly. Baking soda is great at absorbing smells and is an excellent alternative to sprays that might have harsh chemicals. Once you’ve sprinkled baking soda over your carpet, wait for a while to let it settle in and absorb any odors. Then, vacuum your carpet.

8. Bake Some Cookies

Everyone loves the smell of freshly-baked cookies. Making food from scratch like this is an excellent way to be eco-friendly. Find a recipe, choose ethically sourced ingredients and get your cookies in the oven. The aroma of delicious cookies will fill your home in no time — the bonus of this method is you also have a tasty snack afterward.

9. Use Distilled Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is excellent for making your house smell better naturally. Vinegar is food-safe, so you can use it to clean countertops and the inside of your fridge. All you need to do is mix hot water and vinegar and wipe things down. While it might smell strong on its own, the scent will go away quickly after you’re done cleaning.

10. Get Creative With Candles

Reusing candles is a great way to be environmentally conscious while making your house smell amazing. Grab some candles that are almost empty and mix the candle wax. You’ll enjoy creating fun, new scents. Combining the wax also saves you from having to get a new candle.

Candle wax cubes are easy to use, but wax melters take energy. A fragrant sachet is a great way to use cubes in an eco-friendly way. Instead of using a wax melter, drop the cubes into cheesecloth and tie it shut. For a subtle aroma, you can place this scented baggie in drawers or above your cupboards.

Eco-Friendly Never Smelled So Good

You can be conscious of the environment by using natural things to clean and scent your home. Making your own cleaning solutions or reusing old candles is effective, simple and good for the environment. Use eco-friendly alternatives to stay sustainable and make your home smell naturally amazing.

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