Will you travel America’s First Biofuels corridor?

First bio-fuel corridor 

Image by acnatta

According to this article from in.gov the I-65, which runs through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama, is America’s First Biofuels corridor. With stations selling the biofuels planned to be located every 100 miles or so along the length of the I-65 to make filling up with biofuels a reality in this part of the country.

If the midwest can do it, what about the rest of the US? There is a wide variety of different ideas and companies that are testing and working out the best biofuels or fuel additives. I’d like to see America’s first fuel additive corridor using the Green Plus® liquid fuel catalyst produced by Biofriendly Corporation. Or how about America’s first algae biofuel corridor? Per this article the next generation of biofuels could be made from algae. Now that’s one that I probably wouldn’t have thought of myself, but it’s definitely an abundant resource, which is always key.

The point is, that resources don’t have to be scarce and there are so many ideas out there but unless they are put to the test, they are just ideas. Making a greener environment isn’t just a matter of talking about it, but taking the steps needed to make it happen.

And as an added bonus, think of how much money we could save on gas!

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