Weekly Greens – July 30th

Image by Constantin B.

With all the information that comes across your plate during a typical week (hmmm…does anyone really have a typical week?!), how are you supposed to remember it all. It’s sometimes hard to sort through everything or even remember some of the educational, green, informative and/or purely entertaining data you came across.

That’s part of why I decided it would be good to do a ‘weekly greens’ to share just a few of the posts I came across during the week. Now, for this ‘weekly greens’ post I also wanted to share a few videos that were recently brought to my attention. I hope you enjoy.

So…onto the ‘weekly greens’:

walk in the forest1 – The Healing Effects of Forests: If you’ve ever spent any time in nature, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it truly does seem to have healing effects. You can almost be swallowed up in its beauty. It can even seem to wash all your troubles away.

So if you are in need of some natural healing, maybe it would be a good idea to go spend the afternoon checking out a local forest. Take your family and go for a walk in the woods.

Image by photo.jhassy

2 – Ocean Voices (Audio): A moving audio presentation about oceans and what oceans really mean to us. Simply put…it is worth the listen.

3 – Play It Safe in the Pool: When it comes to a warm…okay HOT, Summer day there is nothing quite as refreshing as spending some time in the pool. But in order to ensure you and your family have an enjoyable time, you should be aware of some basic safety tips.

4- Do Solar Panels Work in Fog?: Good question, right?! Well, you’ll be happy to know that even if you live in an area plagued by fog, you too can benefit from the use of solar panels.

Foggy day in New Orleans

Image by Traveling Mermaid/CharlotteAsh

5- Grow Your Own Home: Yes, that’s what I said…grow your own home. This one definitely caught my attention as even though it is completely unconventional, how cool would it be to grow your house?

6 – Chemerical: You might be familiar with the film “Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home”. Well, Chemerical is the lastest film from Environmental Activist and Documentary Filmmaker Andrew Nisker. It’s geared around enlightening and educating people about the toxic chemicals they have in their homes.

So far over 7000 toxic products have been removed from homes since the release of Chemerical. You can see the trailer below and if you want to view the entire DVD, just go to the Take Action Films store. Use the code 20TA10 and you’ll get 20% off the purchase of a DVD.

7 – Sitting Down Too Much Can Lead to Your Early Death: Hopefully you’ll read this one in the spirit it is being presented…stop sitting down so much and get active! Personally, when I read this one I almost immediately stood up and now spend part of my day working on my computer at my raised kitchen counter. Yes – standing up.

To wrap up my ‘weekly greens’ I want to call your attention to Summer: A Public Service Announcement. Whatever you do, please don’t let Summer pass you by. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Remember to send me your interesting, informative and green posts. I’d love to read them and you never know, yours may be included in my next ‘weekly greens’. Have a truly biofriendly weekend!


  • rmassingham

    Really look forward to this post each week Tara! Thanks for including us along with all of the other great info you’ve shared. You rock! R

    • Tara

      Thanks R – I really appreciate it! Well, you’ve always got some great stuff worth sharing.

      Thanks Leslie! 🙂 Ha,ha…glad to hear it. Always a good thing. I hope you too have a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you can get some outdoors time 🙂

  • Leslie

    Awesome roundup! Yay! for weekly greens…got my daily dose 😉 hee, hee! Happy weekend to you! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I work at my raised kitchen counter too! 😉 Oh, and I loved that post about solar panels working in the fog. Saw that one earlier this week. Great dose of weekly greens!

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