Weekly Greens – July 16th

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There are so many awesome green articles and blogs out there, that I decided I’d like to share just a few of the ones I found useful, creative and/or informative. Therefore I’m doing a ‘weekly greens’ post for you in the hopes that you might read something new, find a creative way to be greener than you already are or maybe just connect you up with another green, environmentally-friendly person.

Onto the ‘weekly greens’:

1 – Are your pets ready for Summer?:  This is a key question. With temperatures soaring, making sure your pets are taken care of is essential. So take a few minutes and remind yourself of some of the things you’ll need to ensure your pets are ready for Summer.

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2 – New Canadian Development Pushes the Limits of Sustainable Design: This post I found particularly interesting as it really shows how much can be accomplished when someone sets their mind to it. The article had me at “…that sewage treatment plant masked itself as a meandering creek and reduced residents’ utility expenses to almost zero…”.

3 – Travel Green: Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon: Now while you may not necessarily be traveling to Oregon this Summer, this post is a simple reminder that when you are traveling, you should look for green accommodations.

Don’t forget Summer is a great time to grab some friends, maybe head up to Oregon or even book a flight to Orlando and stay in one of their nice B&Bs. Just say hi to Mickey for me if you do!

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4 – Safe and Simple Alternatives to Household Cleaning Chemicals: I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the smell of most cleaning chemicals. The chemicals are way too strong for my nose and if they are bothering my nose that much, what are they doing to the rest of my body? I like this post because it includes some simple ideas for making cleaning your home not such a toxic activity.

5 – The Minimalist Guide to Saving Money: One of the simplest ways (in my opinion) to cut down on waste is to cut down on spending. This is a list gives good things to remember when you are trying to cut down and save money.

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6 – Micro Organism Technology – The Only Real Solution: In relation to the BP oil spill, I thought this was an interesting viewpoint and idea on how to use microbes to help get the oil cleaned up. We look to Mother Nature for so many creative and positive examples for anything from architecture to medical solutions, maybe she has more to teach us.

I’ll wrap up this first ‘weekly greens’ with 10 Green Ways to Combat Stress. In today’s world things can sometimes get a little hectic and if you are starting to feel stressed, I urge you to sit down and try one (or more) of these ways to combat stress. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

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Also if you have a blog post or article you think I might enjoy reading or sharing, feel free to email me at [email protected] so I can take a look. I look forward to hearing from you and who knows, maybe you’ll see it in one of my ‘weekly greens’ posts.


  • Stephanie

    Awwwww – thank you for the link to the green B&Bs in Oregon article! Much appreciation – hope you are enjoying a clean, green summer! 😉

  • rmassingham

    Thanks for sharing and including me on such a great list. This is a fantastic idea and I’m sure one that we’ll all look forward to each and every week! Cheers!

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