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Ways to Green Your Holiday Shopping Experience

We love green holiday trees, decorative greenery and the green of money, so why not add some extra green to your holiday season, in the form of eco-friendly shopping. Whether you choose to shop with local retailers this season, or shop online, there are many ways you can ensure your holiday shopping experience is as green and eco-friendly as possible. Let’s explore a few sustainable shopping practices consumers are using to reduce their impact on the environment.

Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

First things first, take time to list out each store you plan to visit, what you plan to buy (or browse) there, and map out the most fuel efficient way to make all your stops, without retracing your steps. This means less costly fuel wasted on last minute, overlooked trips. Make it a family holiday outing to save more gas and time, and for a few extra moments with those you love.

Shop Early and Local 

Shopping early means you will sit in less traffic, wait in fewer lines, and ensure your gifts are purchased and under the tree before Christmas Eve. Shopping local means keeping more money in your community, and also reduces reliance on shipping and supply chain routes. Either way, getting out early is a great way to save money, save time and give back to your local community and local vendors.

Shop from Sustainable Brands 

Cheaply made, disposable gifts might be OK for stocking-stuffers, but not a “wow” moment for loved ones. For example, gas station mittens might be worn once, before they are chewed by your pet or fall out of your purse. Think carefully about your gifts this year, to ensure you are buying the highest-quality, sustainable brands. With shortages and unreliable supply chains, your loved ones will thank you for providing fewer, high-quality gifts. Look for brands emphasizing sustainability, and also ones with great product reviews from real customers.

Shop Online and Make Sure to Check the Payment Options 

Shopping online is a great way to go green this holiday season! You will save money on gas, save time by skipping the slow-moving lines, and save the earth by reducing your carbon footprint. In addition to the ease of online ordering, many companies are adopting digital payment trends like mobile or Apple Pay, or even bank transfer, further simplifying the payment process.

Look for Environmentally-Friendly Shipping Options

Keep an eye out for businesses who offer environmentally-friendly shipping options, like consolidating shipments into less boxes, or waiting a few extra days to ensure a shipment is full before departing. These options are often more budget friendly, as you can see if you use the USPS shipping calculator, a tool that allows you to budget and be prepared for all unexpected shipping costs or delays.

Say “No” to Plastic Packaging

Plastics are a huge problem for the environment, killing wildlife and requiring toxic chemicals to create. It’s time to abandon plastic packaging forever, in favor of more eco-friendly packaging options. Look for recycled paper or cotton packaging options, or go with a brand with no packaging at all! Brands like KOOSHOO offer 100% recycled packaging, for an entirely plastic-free shopping experience.

Bring Your Own Bags When Shopping

The plastic problem is pervasive, but taking your own cloth bags when you go shopping will reduce the amount of plastic wasted, and will also free up the space in your kitchen where you used to store masses of old plastic bags. If you forget your reusable bags, make sure you recycle or reuse the plastic bags, or opt for paper at checkout.

The last two years have shown us how much we should value our relationships and our environment, over our need for things or “stuff.” The holiday season should be a time of joy, and eco-friendly shopping is one way to give back, and feel great about your choices. Now is the time to get a jump on your shopping, save some money, and ideally, do your part to save the earth.

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