The SkyBike: Another biofriendly way to take flight

SkyBike - Samson Motorworks 

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A few weeks ago I wrote about a new low-emission “flying car” and now I wanted to introduce you to the SkyBike and Hybrid Skybike, from Samson Motorworks.  Classed as a motorcycle, the SkyBike apparently has been designed not only to accomodate drivers from any country (due to a door on each side of the driver), but is able to drive or fly in any weather, has an instrument display that automatically changes from ground to flight instruments and in case of emergency, can take off or land from any flat surface.  Now that’s convenience!  Samson Motorworks also touts their biofriendly vehicle as being:

“…quick enough for the fast lane, legal in the carpool lane and sexy enough for the red carpet.”

Some of its preliminary specifications include:

  • Passenger capacity: It comfortably seats 2
  • Maximum speed: 95 mph on wheels, 140 mph flying
  • Range: 500 ground miles, 220 air miles
  • MPG: estimated 55 mpg on the ground, 25 mpg in the air (that doesn’t include using a proven fuel additive, of course)
  • Engine: 120-180 hp motorcycle engine (3 choices)
  • Fuel: regular unleaded automobile gasoline
  • Fuel capacity: 10.1 gallons including reserve

The hybrid version has a combination series/parallel hybrid drive system which helps it operate even more efficiently.

“In this system, the internal combustion engine (ICE) powers a generator while operating at peak efficiency to charge batteries while the wheels are driven by electric motors in ground mode.  In the air, the ICE drives the propeller, with the electric generator motor providing additional torque during take-off.”

So, while the hybrid doesn’t have as large a fuel capacity as the original SkyBike, it has better range (627 ground miles, 313 air miles) and gets better mpg (estimated 66 mpg on the ground, 33 mpg in the air).

Note that you will be required to have a motorcycle license in order to drive the SkyBike, as it is classified as a motorcycle.  And if you want your bike to fly, you have to show proof of the appropriate pilot license.  But, in terms of the latest and greatest in biofriendly (and convenient) transportation, they are definitely worth checking out.

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