The Many Uses of Oil Require Some Biofriendly Assistance

I was looking through different biofriendly and environmentally related articles and websites today when I came across one that had a really interesting page about the uses of oil. The information came from the Paleontological Research Institution. The web page has a picture on it with several “colored in” links that represent everyday things made from oil. The site was fun and interesting to click through, but it also brought to the forefront the idea that we need to be more careful with this resource.

At the current moment there is still plenty of oil in the ground for use in powering vehicles, power plants and creating everyday items like computers and shoes. But if we continue to use oil up as we are now, the problems for future generations could be greater than we think. Plastic is made from oil, and plastic is becoming a more and more useful product every day. Many companies are working on technologies that reduce fuel consumption, and due to the many uses of oil, it is clear that that trend needs to continue.

Green Plus, the fuel enhancer that Biofriendly Corporation is currently marketing and developing has been shown in several certified tests to improve fuel economy by over to 6%. It is one of many new things and exciting solutions that are being developed to help with this problem.

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