Sustainability vs. Profit: Who Wins?

When it comes to profits, most companies know they won’t go anywhere without money. But what about when it comes to sustainability? Can a company focus on sustainability and being green while still turning a profit? Or does it need to be one or the other? Besides, in a fight between sustainability and profit, who do you think wins?

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Well, one company that recently came on my radar, Worldwide Maniac, feels there is no reason companies can’t do both. Not only that, but that they should do both. Think about it…if companies don’t pay it forward, where will we be in 10, 20, 30 years from now?

(Before I go any further, let me make it clear that neither myself nor Biofriendly Corporation have any affiliation with Worldwide Maniac.)

In a world where social conscience isn’t always a company’s strong point and phrases like “pay it forward” or “give back” don’t often hold a candle to profits, Worldwide Maniac hopes to show companies that success and sustainability can in fact go hand in hand.

Set up as a kind of tailor-made business consultant, Worldwide Maniac works with artists, musicians, designers and others in the Fashion, Entertainment and Sports Industries to help them not only make socially-responsible decisions but become a voice for sustainability and humanity in their own respective fields.

Take one of their clients, Golden Mean Productions for example. They are currently in production on the documentary film: Reclaiming the Garden.

“The documentary’s goal is to demonstrate how to avoid eternally non-sustainable countries, completely reliant for all the necessities of life.  We live in a time where balance with the earth is necessary to sustain human life and create peace with our planet.”

Reclaiming The Garden – Ed Begley, Jr. On Gulf Oil Spill from AGolden1 on Vimeo.

Another client of theirs, Musician Josh Charles, was already well-known for his music and one song in particular, “Healing Time” (which you can download here as all proceeds from his song go to the Preservation Resource Center, which has helped build over 200 green homes and businesses in New Orleans since Katrina).

It was that one contribution action that caught the attention of Worldwide Maniac’s CEO, Michael Torres. And since Josh was looking for a way to further expand his environmental and humanitarian contributions, joining forces seemed to be the next natural step to take.

Having moved to New Orleans shortly before Katrina hit, Josh has a strong desire to give back and help people who were affected not only by Katrina, but also more recently by the Gulf Coast oil disaster. So luckily, the partnership between Worldwide Maniac and Josh has shown clearly that sustainability and profit can survive together. Part of their sustainability plan entails a portion of the profits from Josh’s new album, “Love, Work & Money” going to his Healing Time Foundation, which helps families in need – starting with Gulf Coast families.

And Worldwide Maniac itself doesn’t just talk the talk. They actually created the Worldwide Maniac Foundation in order to support humanitarian and environmental activities including disaster and hunger relief, sustainable food production, green and eco-housing projects, alternative energy sources and more. In addition to donations, etc., 30% of Worldwide Maniac’s own net income goes to the foundation.

For those of you who want (or need) to start paying it forward, the Worldwide Maniac is having a special fundraiser benefit this weekend (Sat, June 19th) as part of launching their new foundation. Their goal is to help raise money to provide families in need with green, sustainable and affordable housing solutions.

Some of the featured events include; a fashion show with Maggie Norris Couture, Richie Rich and Carson Couture, musical performances by Josh Charles and appearances by celebrity athletes James McKnight, Chris Parrish and more.

Remember, sustainability can exist and there really is more to a business than just making a profit. “It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.” – quote from an unknown source. So why not see how sustainability and profit can work for you.


  • Stephanie

    Its a great question to ask – sustainability or profit – and I agree that the more companies incorporate green practices, the more “green” they can make. What a super, positive article! Love it!


    Companies that are sustainable now will be thriving in 10, 20, and 30 years. The rest of them won’t be so lucky. Very informative, thanks.

  • Lynn Fang

    I love thinking about this question! I’m a believer in ecological commerce. I think companies can definitely make profit while being green. I think improved political infrastructure is necessary to make it easier for companies to be green. Check out Paul Hawken’s “The Ecology of Commerce”, there he describes the framework for imagining a new sustainable economy: one where every step of industry results in restoration of environment rather than polluting it.

    • Tara

      Thanks Lynn for reading my blog and for your comment. That is definitely a great way to go….having every step of industry result in restoration of the environment. What a positive change that would be!

      Totally agree with you Glenn! Thanks very much.

      Thanks Steph! It’s so true and what’s interesting is that the people who are combining the two and winning both personally and professionally. It is a smart way to go.

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