Study Finds Koalas Threatened By Global Warming

Some people may consider the dilemma of global warming to be a fallacy, or at the very least, an exaggeration.  There is an opinion that the earth’s rising temperature is simply part of a natural cycle that has occurred throughout history – temperature rises then temperature falls etc.  While others will argue that global warming is the root of all things going wrong, including, according to this article from, a threat to Australia’s Koala bear.

With the temperature and carbon dioxide levels increasing in the atmosphere, comes an increase in the levels of anti-nutrients, toxins and other nasties in eucalyptus leaves – the staple diet for the koala.  According to new research led by Professor Ian Hume at Sydney University, further significant increases of carbon dioxide would strip the nutrients from the leaves, crippling the koala’s food supply.

“What currently may be good koala habitat may well become, over a period of not so many years at the rate that carbon dioxide concentrations are rising, very marginal habitat… I’m sure we’ll see koalas disappearing from their current range even though we don’t see any change in tree species or structure of the forests,” says Hume.

I love koalas, so I’m gonna need everyone to stop what they’re doing, park their planes, trains and automobile and walk.  No more energy consumption, light a candle.  Stop anything and everything that produces carbon dioxide – regress back to the simplicities of nature!  Of Course, I’m being silly, childish and immature even, but we need to do something, if you would like to see what we are doing at Biofriendly Corporation to try to help in this matter, check out the home page of our website,

These koala bears are so if you ever need a little inspiration to reduce your clodhopping footprint on nature, just think of these furry little critters… think twice before going near them though – they’ll draw blood with their claws.

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