Recycling Edition of the Weekly Greens

Image by Paul Swansen / Creative Commons

Every week I run across environmental and green articles that catch my attention for one reason or another. This week I came across a number of recycling articles that I thought were worth sharing. So, without further ado, here is the recycling edition of the Weekly Greens:

1) 10 Things You Never Dreamed You Could Recycle: Most people recycle at least one or two items on a regular basis. Some toss their bottles and cans in recycling bins, while others have and use an at-home recycling container. Here are a few things you may not realize you can recycle.

2) New Merger of Recycling Pioneers Holds Promise for a Greener Future: It looks like Recyclebank and Greenopolis have joined forces in order to raise consumer awareness about recycling, and spark innovative ideas which could take recycling technology up to a whole new level.

3) Get Creative! 5 Easy, Inexpensive DIY Decorating Ideas: There is more than one way to recycle items. Even at home you can recycle, or reuse, items in order to make inexpensive decorations. Not everything needs to be purchased new. Some of the best decorating ideas come from recycle items and giving them new life!

4) The Caesars Foundation Brings Clean the World Recycling Center to Las Vegas with $150,000 Grant: It looks like many of those Las Vegas hotel room soaps and hygiene products are going to begin making their way to a new recycling center for non-profit Clean the World. The non-profit organization works to save lives by providing hygiene education and products to those in need.

5) Leading Brands to Pilot New Recycling Label in 2012: The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) has come up with a new label to more clearly show consumers how a product is to be recycled after it has been used. Costco, Microsoft, Seventh Generation and other leading brands have all committed to using the new labels on select products.

6) Turning Bras Into Fuel: Well, it looks like Japanese underwear makers are finding a better option for women who would rather not have their bras left sitting in a landfill somewhere. Why not turn them into fuel…of course.

7) Next Ford Escape to Use Recycled Plastic Bottles for Carpeting: Although there is no mention of Ford using bras, or any other underwear for fuel in their Ford Escape, they have reported they will be using plastic. The next generation Escape will have 25 recycled bottles in the carpeting of each vehicle. And that’s just one of their many innovative recycling ideas.

Image by COP10 Japan / Creative Commons

These various articles go to show how many different ways and ideas there are for recycling. It is not just about taking your bottles, cans and newspapers to the recycling center anymore. There is so much more that can and is being done. What steps are you taking to recycle?

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