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Reasons You Should Use Solar Lights

With environmental awareness at an all-time high around much of the world, more and more people are looking for ways to put their eco-friendly convictions into practice.

As it turns out, one of the easiest ways you can effectively reduce your carbon footprint is with solar lights. Solar lights, you ask? Yes, indeed. Solar lights rely on something called the photovoltaic effect to take solar energy produced by the sun, store that energy into a rechargeable cell battery, and power the solar lighting solution you install on your property.

While it’s possible to protect the environment by saving energy consumption through replacing windows and doors as well as adding skylights, you can go a step further by using solar lights.

Keep reading to find out not only what types of solar lights are available, but also the benefits that make buying them and installing them worth it for you and for the environment.

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Types of Solar Lights

There are various types of solar lights. Here is a sampling of what’s available:

Solar Path Lights: You can use solar path lights to illuminate portions or sections of your property such as the driveway or the walkway. It won’t only look great, but also could provide an element of safety since people will better be able to navigate your property in low-light conditions.

Decorative Solar Lights: You can use these to beautify your property. They includes colorful blown glass, string lights, and decorative lanterns. The sky’s the limit in terms of how you use these types of solar lights on your property.

Solar Spotlights: One source notes these represent the brightest variety of solar lights available as they can provide light that is more or less in line with the light produced by a 40 watt incandescent bulb. You can get motion-detection varieties so they turn on in response to movement or you can select models that stay on whenever low-light conditions exist.

solar garden lights

Benefits of Solar Lights

Of course, there are many pluses when it comes to solar lights. Here are some of them:

Environmentally Friendly: One of the main problems impacting the environment is an expanding carbon footprint stemming from the production of energy using non-renewable sources. You can, however, make your carbon footprint a lot smaller by using solar lights. You can certainly do your part by going green with solar lights.

Cost Effective: The sticker price on solar light products might seem a bit high at first glance, but the energy savings will help you recoup that cost when you consider you’ll pay less to your utility company and spend less on incandescent light bulbs.

Low Maintenance: You won’t have to worry about expensive or tedious maintenance requirements when it comes to solar lights. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation — there won’t be much to follow, by the way — and you’ll be able to look forward to years of problem free performance.

Unlimited Power Source: As you’ve no doubt figured out, solar lights will have an unlimited source of power — as long as they are placed where they can come into contact with sunlight.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly, then solar lights should be on your to-do list. So, let there be light — of the solar-powered variety, that is.


  • Amy Winters

    I like your suggestion to use decorative solar lights to increase the beauty of your outdoor space. My husband and I recently did some landscaping in our backyard, and I think a few outdoor lighting fixtures would help tie everything together.

  • Michael

    Wow! What an impressive way, you shared your deeply researched thoughts regarding this topic, I am going to share it with my friends.

  • Anna

    The only downside I would face is there would be less energy stored in the battery. I only use them for less than 6 days if the sun doesn’t show up.

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    Hi, What an impressive post! The way you sum-up this topic briefly, shows your professionalism.

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