Preserving the Environment

Image by woodleywonderworks

Image by woodleywonderworks

When it comes to preserving the environment, what is the first thing you think of?  Recycling? Using solar panels? Water Conservation? Fuel Economy? Planting a tree? Cutting CO2 levels? Using “green” products instead of chemicals? Growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables?  How about making furniture and bedding?

To be honest, making furniture and bedding wasn’t one of my first thoughts either.  But, enter Hickory Springs and Preserve®, the world’s first bio-based foam for the furniture and bedding industry.  Preserve is made using a soy-based compound designed to cut down on the usual chemicals used in making foam.  It’s a healthier alternative to conventional furniture, as it is better for you and for the environment.  Another added benefit of their bio-based foam product is Hickory Springs estimates they conserve about 18,000 barrels of oil per year or enough energy to power over 1000 homes.

Not new to the industry, Hickory Springs has been in business for about 65 years and has been at the front of the “green” movement in the furniture industry.  They were the one of the first to cut out CPCs and methylene chloride as auxiliary blowing agents and also one of the first to remove PBDE fire retardants as a result of health concerns about 5 years ago. 

That’s not all though….most of their furniture is made using many environmentally-friendly products including their Preserve® foam, scrap based steel makes at least 50% of their sinuous wire and upholstery coils, 100% recycled yarn is used on their furniture webbing, recycled materials are used for all fibers and sleeper/motion mechanisms in the furniture are made from 70-80% scrap steel.  

  Hickory Springs latest venture in preserving the environment really puts them in the limelight…it’s their EarthCare Challenge.  The EarthCare Challenge is a nationwide challenge that almost anyone (over 21) can enter.  All you have to do is submit a video showing why you are the most eco-oblivious or eco-chic contestant.  Videos will then be judged and six finalists will compete in a 45-day Green Makeover.  The contestants’ progress and actions will be tracked via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and EarthCareInside.   The grand prize winner is awarded an earth-friendly home furnishings makeover valued at $5,000! 

So, whether you are a seasoned environmentalist or someone who thinks “going green” means cashing in their bottles and cans, Hickory Springs new contest may just be right for you.  Send in your video, get your friends to send in theirs.  Who knows, we may just be cheering you on as one of the six finalists.  Remember….preserving the environment is for both the eco-oblivious and the eco-chic.


  • Stephanie

    Cool – I love the idea of the eco-foam for the mattresses! EarthCare Challenge should be awesome – if I had more time, I’d think about a video. Instead, I’ll just try to participate in the online voting. 🙂

  • Jessica Koster

    Thank you for sharing information about Preserve foams and the upcoming EarthCare Challenge – I agree that it will be a great learning experience to follow! 🙂 If you want to learn more about the soy-based, BiOH ingredients used in Preserve foams to replace a portion of the petroleum materials, you can visit Thanks again for helping spread the word about soy foam options!

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