New Plastic Can Reduce CO2 Emissions And Purify Water

Researchers teaming up from Korea’s Hanyang University, University of Texas and the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), have developed a new plastic membrane, which will contribute new and improved ways to being more biofriendly. In the press release from the CSIRO, the technology behind the new plastic was borrowed from plants.

“This plastic will help solve problems of small molecule separation, whether related to clean coal technology, separating greenhouse gases, increasing the energy efficiency of water purification, or producing and delivering energy from hydrogen.” Dr Anita Hill of CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering said.

“The ability of the new plastic to separate small molecules surpasses the limits of any conventional plastics.”

“It can separate carbon dioxide from natural gas a few hundred times faster than current plastic membranes and its performance is four times better in terms of purity of the separated gas.”

The article will wow you with the science far better than I, but basically, the secret behind the plastic’s wonder is the hourglass shaped pores, which separate molecules faster and use less energy.

The new plastic has great potential in water recycling and desalination, and where water is such a valuable commodity to any country, it certainly sounds like a good place to invest improved technology. Plastic with hourglass shaped pores – I learn something new everyday!

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