More Biofriendly Fuel Economy Improvement Tips

I am going to list out a related group of fuel economy saving ideas (not including the use of Green Plus) really quickly on today’s blog. In the future I will share some other fuel saving ideas but for now, after this blog, I will take a break on this topic and get to some new stuff. So without further ado, some additional simple things you can do to reduce you fuel usage and help combat global warming are:


  1. Change your oil every 3000 – 5000 miles –. The purpose of motor oil in a car is simply to keep the moving parts in your engine lubricated, and to help move heat away from areas where there is lots of friction. If you do not change your oil regularly, the oil literally gets contaminated with carbon, metals, and soot, and therefore gets less and less effective at lubricating and distributing. This results in less than optimal engine performance and worse fuel economy.
  2. Rotate and manage the air pressure in your tires – Your vehicle will come with an owner’s manual that will tell you where your tire pressure should be kept. Do your best to keep your tires optimally inflated. A deflated tire does not rotate as easily as an ideally inflated tire, and so this hurts engine performance and therefore fuel economy. Also, the tread on poorly inflated tires wears down more quickly, without tread your tires struggle to grip the road, and this also hurts performance and fuel economy.
  3. Change your filters – Your vehicles filters, such as air, fuel and oil, are designed to catch and hold on to stuff that you don’t want going through your engine. This is a good thing, but to put it mildly, there is only so much stuff a filter can catch before it starts clogging up and getting in the way. This hurts performance, so change your filters when the manufacturer recommends (check your owner’s manual for details).

These three ideas are related because they can all be done easily by a vehicle service station. Most people tend to skip their service times at the local lube shop and don’t worry about it too much, knowing they can catch up with vehicle servicing at a later date. But if you want to be biofriendly, and help to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment, you really need to consider keeping up with the service schedule on your vehicle. It really does make a big difference, and with fuel prices as they are, you can make up the service cost with fuel savings.

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