Midweek Weekly Greens

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Well, this week I’m spending a little extra time with the kids before school starts in a few weeks. But I figured I’d take a moment and share some of the interesting and cool stories I’ve seen recently. Keep in mind there are a lot of green, environmental stories out there and unfortunately when the week gets busy we don’t always get a chance to read them all.

So, in order to give you a little glimpse into some of the environmentally-related stories I’ve come across recently, here is my weekly greens blog post, the midweek version:

1) Amazon deforestation on the rise again in Brazil: It looks like deforestation is on the rise again in Brazil. After a short dip, Brazil still maintains its status as one of the world’s top greenhouse gas emitters. A title you’d think would have jump-started a major change by now.

2) Making Ice Helps Businesses Save Money and Energy: What a great idea! It lowers electrical costs (reportedly up to 35%) and relieves pressure on the energy grid. Additionally, we’re not talking about a small building here, this one is 200,000 square feet. Just think of the possibilities.

3) EcoNest – Green Homes Made of Clay, Straw & Timber: Here’s one I thought showed a good example of building smart and living healthier using green and environmentally-friendly building options. There are many ways to lower the impact of your home and of course the building process and materials are key to that.

4) How to Make Reusable Versions of the Top 13 Kitchen Staples: There are so many things we use these days which are one use only. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have reusable items? So many people are talking about recycling all the time, now here are a few ideas to help you put together some simple reusable items for your kitchen.

5) Herb Gardens: Flavorful Gardening Landscape Additions: The subject of gardening and people growing their own food is becoming a hot topic these days. Adding an herb garden is a great way to add flavor and beauty to your garden. You can almost smell the herbs now.

6) BYOB at Austin’s Pending No Packaging Grocery Store: Now here’s an interesting idea. I’m actually surprised it isn’t a little more prominent. Beyond simply using reusable bags to get groceries, this store looks to take it a lot further. How would you feel about buying in bulk using your own packaging? You’d even be able to refill wine bottles, lotion containers and more.

And here’s one last article for those of you who are interested in Answering the Question of What is Green Living? Hope this midweek version of my weekly greens was able to give you a little burst of green to carry you through the rest of your week. Have a truly biofriendly week!

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