Is Global Warming Out of Our Hands?

I found an interesting article regarding global warming. The article basically says that the earth is warming, but that mankind’s CO2 output has little to nothing to do with it. The most interesting point was regarding the popular theory that CO2 makes the environment hotter. The researchers that the article reports about believe that the reverse is occuring. In other words, more heat creates more CO2. The article also states that this could be a positive thing for the environment and that Global warming is not in the top ten when looking at the most disastrous environmental problems facing mankind.

You might find it unusual for a biofriendly blogger, working for a company with a product that reduces CO2 to report such a story. After all, one of the major selling points of Green Plus would be eliminated if the above story proved to be completely accurate. I do however find it important to bring up this side of the story because the fact of the matter is, even the scientists that work here at Biofriendly Corporation debate this issue. The one thing that does not seem to be in debate however is that the Earth is warming, and more CO2 is in our atmosphere. I will continue to report both sides of this story as I find interesting tidbits either way.

Another reason why we have no fear on debating and researching this issue at Biofriendly Corporation is because we know that there are many other issues that affect public health that are definitely caused by incomplete combustion. Issues like asthma, lung and heart problems, and the rising cost of the ever dwindling resource, oil. Each of these are problems that Green Plus significantly helps to overcome and so I will continue to report on those as well.

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