How you travel determines the CO2 emissions of your trip

plane or car CO2 emissions 

Image by gurdonark  

Okay, we all pretty much know at this point, that every time we get into a car, get on the bus or get in a plane we are contributing to air pollution and adding harmful CO2 emissions to our environment.

But, our mode of transportation determines how much of an affect we are having on the environment around us. 

Let’s take a trip from Pasadena, CA to Las Vegas, NV – which is about 262 miles.  Did you know if you drove out there in a small car your CO2 emissions would be about 53.8 kg?  In a large car it would be about 108.5 kg.  The train is 25.4 kg per person and the bus only 12.2 kg.  A plane trip out there (not including transportation to the airport) is about 73.9 kg per person.

However, if you add a few friends to your large car (rather than each of you taking your own cars), your large car CO2 emissions are about 27.1 kg per person.  And that goes down even further with an efficient fuel additive or liquid fuel enhancer like Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus®.

So when you start figuring out your holiday trips, factor that in.  Go to to check the estimated CO2 emissions for your trip, then determine which mode of transportation is best for you and the environment.

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