Heart Problems in Young Adults Linked to Air Pollution

If you thought there weren’t enough reasons to be more biofriendly and reduce the harmful toxic emissions in our environment, then a study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care has just given you another. The details of this study can be seen in an article reported by CBS news, but in simple terms the study showed that air pollution caused increased inflammation, oxidative stress and blood clotting in young adults. Each of these is a marker for heart problems.


This study took place at National Taiwan University, an environment where little has been done to clean up the quality of fuels such as gasoline and diesel. In the United States, especially in California, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in refining in an attempt to make the fuel cleaner, but most countries do not have the financial resources to do what has been done in California.


A liquid fuel catalyst, like Green Plus®, is an ideal solution in this situation. Refining can cost over $0.13 per gallon, where liquid fuel catalysts cost less than half of that. Government certified testing has shown that Green Plus meets or beats the emissions output of heavily refined diesel fuels like those used in California. More innovative and affordable solutions are now available to reduce the harmful emissions that create air pollution, it is time to start looking at them more seriously.

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