Green Actions You Can Take This Autumn

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Autumn is a wondrous time of year. Very little is more spectacular than its bright, changing colors and falling leaves, cool winds blowing in the breeze, and all the sounds and senses which are heightened at this time of year. This autumn, in addition to taking the time to enjoy all that nature has to offer, the following are a few green actions you can take to reduce your environmental footprint, improve your health and well-being, as well as save a little money (which may come in handy with the rapidly-approaching holiday season).

  • Make the time to go outside every day. Breath in the fresh air. Look at the sights all around you. Soak up the never-ending beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Open your windows to let the stale, summer air out and the cooler, autumn freshness in. Indoor air pollution builds up over time and can be extremely harmful to your health and to the health of your family. Air out your house as the temperatures drop.
  • Make good use of the falling leaves by turning some into decorations for either inside or outside your home. Then, take the rest and add these to your compost pile. If you don’t have a compost pile yet, now is as good a time as any to start.
  • Plant your fall vegetables and herbs, if you haven’t done so already. Gardens are not only practical, but make great natural decorations for your yard or home.
  • Go through your summer wardrobe (and autumn one too for that matter) and either donate, or figure out how to put your unused clothes to use. Even if clothes are not in a condition to be donated, you can still give your clothes a second life by upcycling.
  • Do a simple inspection of your home to see if you have any windows or doors through which cold air is getting in or warm air can escape. If so, patch these up as soon as possible. No reason to waste money heating your home, and the outdoors.
  • Those with heating units in their homes should check out Biofriendly’s Green Plus® for home heating oil. Like the liquid fuel catalyst we have which can be used in vehicles to improve fuel economy, lower emissions and improve engine power, our home heating oil fuel enhancer does the same in your home.
  • Set your thermostat so it does not exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home and around 56 degrees F at night or when you are away. The beauty of fall (and winter) is you can use layers to bundle up and keep you warm if you get too cold.
  • Check the pressure on each of your vehicle’s tires. Make sure your tire pressure is within manufacturer limits. This can improve fuel efficiency and make for a greener ride.
  • Try not to let your vehicle idle for too long. Although the weather may be getting colder in some parts, keeping your engine idling for long periods of time spews a lot of harmful emissions into the air. Plan your trips, pickups and errands so as to minimize idle time.
  • Figure out ways to bring natural scents into your home. Bottled “air fresheners” are not the answer. Opt for natural air fresheners or cleaners.
  • You can also try these ways to bring a bit of nature indoors this autumn.
  • Minimize food waste by only making what you and your family will eat. If you throw a party or have leftovers, be sure to incorporate these into additional meals.

These actions, along with many more, can help you dive head first into autumn the green way!

Red leaves, green grass image by Carl Mueller via Flickr Creative Commons license.

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