GPS gives you directions, but can it save gasoline too?

Garmin GPS navigation 

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If you look through any car lot these days you’ll notice a majority of high-end new cars are equipped with GPS navigation systems.  So much so that GPS systems have become a necessity for many drivers.  Now, I may be dating myself here, but I remember the ‘ole days when you used to pull out a state map or thumb through the pages of a Thomas Guide or heaven forbid….ask directions…lol.  Well, these days GPS navigation systems are the latest and greatest tool not only for directions, but for saving gasoline too.

You may wonder how a GPS system could save you gasoline, but give me a moment and I’ll show you how it all makes sense.  Let’s say you need to drive your kids to a soccer game at a new field.  Which of the following ways do you think is best?

  1. Get the address.  Think you know the area where the soccer field is located.  Drive over that direction.  Drive around for about 5-10 minutes trying to find the field.  Call your spouse to look up directions.  Finally get to the soccer field…probably late for your kids’ game.
  2. Get the address.  Look it up online and get directions from your house to the soccer game.  Follow the directions and then drive around for a few minutes before you realize the directions should have told you to turn left instead of right.  Turn around, get to the soccer field and get your kids to their game.
  3. Get the address.  Type it into your GPS navigation system.  Request the fastest and most direct way – while avoiding any traffic jams.  Get turn by turn directions.  Drive to the soccer field, following the turn by turn directions and get your kids to their soccer game – hopefully on time.

Now, of course we all know 3 is best option.  Why?  Because not only do you get to your location faster, but you get there using a lot less gasoline (and if you are like me, probably a lot less stress too).  Spending all that time driving around, idling while trying to find out where you are, turning around, etc all add up.  Even if you are smart and use a proven fuel additive, you still save gasoline by using your GPS.  So while you get ready to head out the door, don’t forget to grab your GPS – you’ll be happy you did!

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