Father's Day friendly finds

Friendly Finds to Help You Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

If you’re trying to figure out a good way to celebrate dad, you’ll want to check out our Father’s Day friendly finds. We’ve not only come up with some great ideas for eco-friendly gifts dad is sure to love, but some of our finds come directly from our own Biofriendly dads. That’s right, you’ll get to see what Noel, Jacob and Clayton (go to the Biofriendly Podcast to see these guys in action) have each picked as their friendly finds.

friendly finds for Father's Day

We know figuring out what to get dad for Father’s Day can be challenging at times. Whether your dad already seems to have everything he needs, you aren’t sure exactly what he’d be able to use or you simply want to find something he’s going to appreciate, we can help.

We’ve done some research ourselves and come up with a few eco-friendly gift ideas for all kinds of dads. Each one shows you care about your dad and the environment at the same time.

Please note, while this article contains items of our own choosing, it also contains some affiliate links from Amazon and other sites from which we may earn a commission on any qualifying purchase made.

Father’s Day Friendly Finds

wooden Bath and body brush

Our first gift idea is something your dad can use to help him relax after a long, hard day at work. It may seem like a relatively simple gift, but I think it’s one he’ll enjoy using. It’s a bath and body massage brush. The brush is made from eco-friendly, low-waste materials, which means it’s better for the environment.

It has a long handle to make it easier to use. Some of the other benefits of using this type of brush are tightened skin, improved circulation, improved digestion, removal of dead skin and assisted removal of toxins.

Enter BIOFRIENDLY as your coupon code. For every purchase made, SWOP (Shop Without Plastic) plants a tree on your behalf.

Bath and Foot Soak

If your dad isn’t really into body brushes, maybe a bath and foot soak would be something he could use to help him wind down and relax. Regardless of what type of work your dad does, there’s hardly anyone who couldn’t benefit from a foot soak after a long day. These types of soaks help alleviate aching muscles and eliminate odors naturally.

This particular product is cruelty-free, paraben-free and non-abrasive with no fillers, additives or artificial fragrances. The packaging is BPA-free and compostable. It also comes with a bamboo scoop, rather than a plastic one like some other products.

You might also want to consider getting dad magnesium flakes for a bath or foot soak. Magnesium flakes (dissolved in water) tend to be absorbed more easily by the body, so it’s an ideal way to relieve stress, calm nerves, alleviate muscle soreness and aid with any skin issues.

Portable Stadium seat

Does your dad like to attend sporting events? If so, maybe you should get him a portable stadium seat. These particular seats are light, use less materials than many similar products and are extremely helpful to your back/body whether you’re going to a basketball game, volleyball game, baseball game, football game, soccer game or even a concert. It rolls up for easy portability. This particular seat can even unfold into a bench seat for two.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Do you have a dad who likes to grill or spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Well, then he might find this bamboo cutting board to be an extremely helpful gift. What’s great about bamboo cutting boards versus plastic ones is you won’t end up with microplastics all throughout your food. You can cut and chop and do everything you need to do without worrying about you and your family eating bits of plastic.

If the aforementioned options don’t give you some ideas, this is what Noel, Jacob and Clayton came up with for their Father’s Day Friendly Finds:

NOEl’s Friendly Finds

Sustainable sneakers

Noel’s first friendly find is sustainable sneakers. Whether you’re running around chasing after your kids all day or you’re just running around, a quality pair of sneakers is a must. Add in sustainability and you’ve got yourself a great Father’s Day gift.

Take a look at these sneakers from Thaely, the world’s first 100% recycled and vegan sneaker company. That’s right, each sneaker is “made from recycled materials including 10 plastic bags, 12 plastic bottles and industrial rubber waste”. What’s even better is all components, including the glue used to keep the shoes together, are vegan. Even the packaging is eco-friendly. Your shoes come in a recycled paper box, dyed with coffee grounds and embedded with seeds. Once you take your shoes out, you can plant your box in your garden and watch it grow.

Biodegradable golf balls

Noel’s second friendly find is biodegradable golf balls. If your dad is anything like Noel, he loves to go golfing. If you want to get your dad an eco-friendly golf-related gift, consider these biodegradable golf balls. They’re perfect for the driving range or any outdoor area, particularly areas near water. Why? Well, these golf balls are non-toxic and designed to dissolve in water within 2-4 weeks. They’re marine-safe, too, so you don’t have to worry about taking a few swings down on the dock or along the shore.

Jacob’s Friendly Finds

Guitar Pick Punch

Jacob’s first friendly find is a guitar pick punch. Is your dad a musician? Does he play the guitar? Well, if he does, he’ll no longer have to worry about buying guitar picks once you get him this handy dandy, DIY guitar pick punch. Yes, it may be a little out of the ordinary, but it’s a pretty cool gift when you think about it, especially for a musician! Plus, dad can take his expired credit cards or IDs and turn them into custom-made guitar picks. So, it’s fun and eco-friendly!

Wooden Phone Amplifier

Jacob’s second find is a wooden phone amplifier. Whether your dad likes to watch videos on his phone, he does a lot of video chatting or he likes to listen to music on his phone, this wooden phone amplifier will make a great Father’s Day gift. What makes this gift even better is it is a handmade product created with organic materials. No plastics and no harmful chemicals. As it is a passive amplifier, it doesn’t require any electricity to operate.

For Jacob’s last friendly find, he’d love to be gifted an experience. He enjoys going to concerts, going on hikes and going camping. Spending time with his kids and loved ones are some of his most memorable and sustainable experiences and make the best gifts!

Clayton’s Friendly Finds

Mushroom grow kit

Since Clayton loves to cook (and to do so with lots of mushrooms), he’s always had an interest in growing his own mushrooms. So, his first friendly find is a mushroom grow kit. There’s this mushroom grow kit from Far West Fungi (for dads living on the west coast of the U.S.) or a spray and grow kit from North Spore (for dads on the east coast of the U.S.).

The benefit of a grow kit is growing your own is much more sustainable than buying, plus you know exactly what’s in what you’re growing, i.e. no chemicals or pesticides. Your dad might also enjoy this certified organic indoor herb garden kit. All of the seeds in this kit are non-GMO and the entire kit is certified USDA organic. These home-grown herbs could be the perfect addition to dad’s mushroom dish or any other dish he decides to make, of course.

Vintage Camera

Clayton second friendly find is a vintage camera. The cameras that struck his interest the most were classic 35mm and medium format cameras from the last century. He wants a second-hand one, as he knows these cameras are all in need of new homes. There’s no reason to buy new when a classic, vintage camera is a much friendlier find.

Clayton says he’s seen a number of vintage cameras on eBay. You may also be able to find vintage cameras at vintage or refurbished camera stores, thrift stores, consignment stores and estate sales near you.

Shop Around

When it comes to gifts, it’s important to shop around before you buy. Spending a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve bought the best gift. Sometimes buying a smaller, but more usable gift, or one from a second-hand store, is much more appreciated than a more costly gift. Do your research. Be creative. Shop around. You might just be surprised at the creative gifts you find.

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