5 Foods That Make Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Image by Richard Molpus / Creative Commons

It is interesting that over the years the idea of cleaning house has become getting rid of dust and grime by using chemicals and other toxins. How that is cleaning I’m not really sure. What happened to using some vinegar, lemon, maybe a newspaper and old t-shirt turned rag, and some good ole’ elbow grease?

In order to get “fresh” smells people have turned to cleaners which are advertised as having fresh scents. They want “natural” cleaners, they turn to bottles and cans which state they are all-natural. But wouldn’t it make more sense to open your windows to get some fresh air? And if you want natural, how about making your own cleaners? Then there is no doubt what you are using to clean your house.

Now, I’ve covered various cleaning ideas and tips in the past including 10 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips and 10 Eco-Friendly Steps to Add to Your Autumn ‘To-Do’ List. This time I figured I’d give you a few more ideas for eco-friendly cleaners, this time using food you probably have around your house.

Here are 5 foods that make eco-friendly cleaners:

1) LEMONS: The first one I want to cover is lemons, more in particular lemon peels. You’ve probably used lemons in one form or another around the house, but what about those peels?

Image by Jonathan Phillips / Creative Commons

If you’re looking to get the most out of your food, then you can use the lemon and lemon juice for food/flavoring and use the peels to help you clean. From de-greasing to deodorizing to polishing and more, lemons make great eco-friendly cleaners.

2) CUCUMBERS: I love cucumbers, they taste good and they are great for various different beauty treatments. Did you also know they make good cleaners?

Image by Michelle / Creative Commons

Need to polish your dress shoes? Cut a few slices of cucumber and rub them on your shoes. They will look shiny and the cucumber helps repel water too. Cucumber brings the shine back to stainless steel as well. Who needs toxic cleaners when a few slices of cucumber will do the trick!

TIP: If you’ve got kids, try using the outside skin of the cucumber to slowly remove pen and crayon from the walls. You can even have the kids help you out.

3) CONDIMENTS: You probably have ketchup and mustard sitting somewhere in your fridge, right? Well haul them out and get busy cleaning.

Image by Denise Mattox / Creative Commons

Ketchup, mustard and a few other condiments, can clean, help remove odors and bring a shine to some of the dullest silver or brassware. Toss a little vinegar, baking soda and salt to the mix and you’ve got some quick, natural cleaning agents.

4) ONION: Maybe you like onions on your burgers, maybe you like them grilled, maybe you like them sauteed with other vegetables.

Image by Matt / Creative Commons

No matter how you like your onion, onions apparently make a great grill cleaner. So next time you fire up the BBQ, grab an onion and you’ll have an eco-friendly way to clean up when you are done.

5) COFFEE: Personally I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’d probably opt for using tea bags for cleaning. But for all you coffee drinkers, coffee and coffee grounds are great for deodorizing, repairing scratches in furniture, and even removing grease. So don’t toss those coffee grounds, put them to work cleaning your house.

Image by John Cohen / Creative Commons

You see…cleaning doesn’t have to be done using toxic chemicals. There are many natural and even food products which can be used to make your house smell better and shine brighter. Do you have a favorite food you use as an eco-friendly cleaner? Share! Happy cleaning.