Fast Food Fuel Economy, Good for Everyone

Fast food drive thru line producing emissions 

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I’m sure many of you have read articles or blogs about different restaurants or fast food places recycling their cooking oil and turning it into fuel to help save money and increase fuel economy on their vehicles.

The Environmental Leader had a great article a few weeks ago about Carl’s Jr opening a “green flagship restaurant” in California.  In addition to their solar reflective roofing, smart irrigation, energy management system and many other green features, they too recycle their cooking oil for alternative fuel and other uses.  That’s pretty good, wouldn’t you say?!

Well, while I was sitting in a fast food drive-thru line a week or so ago it got me thinking.  I started to wonder how much gas I was wasting waiting for the cars in front of me to pay and get their orders.  There were about 4 cars in front of me and for some reason the front car’s order was taking an awfully long time.  In addition to wasting gas, we were also all spewing out plenty of harmful emissions – and that’s the last thing that is needed…especially in downtown LA where there is enough air pollution.

That made me ask…how could fast food restaurants help their customers lower harmful emissions and improve fuel economy?  Of course, if they opened their own alternative fuel pumps, they could offer “French fried gasoline”.  (I know…probably not an option, but it’s an idea.)

However, from what I know of the drive-thru, it’s supposed to be the fastest way to get your fast food.  And if you think about it, it should be.  With all the emissions being spewed out and gas being wasted by vehicles that go through the drive-thru…anything that can be done to speed things up would help all around!

So while many of us use fuel additives, get hybrid cars, car-pool and/or keep our vehicles properly tuned…all in the name of fuel economy, maybe fast food restaurants could do their part and keep those lines moving!  With all the green actions fast food restaurants are taking, this one couldn’t hurt.

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