Environmental Action: Are We Going To Far?

There’s always something being said about the environment these days. Some hype up the concern, some play it down, some come up with practical solutions – and wacky ones, and some point out the wrongs that need to be righted.

Some causes for global warming and general environmental harm include emissions from cars, ships, airplanes, buildings, coal burning, cows, power stations, and let’s not forget the screaming obvious – bagpipes, divorce and babies. In this news article, concern for the environment has led some civic leaders in Ontario Canada to consider placing restrictions on existing drive-thru establishments in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution.

The world has quite simply, progressed in flying leaps and bounds from the old horse-and-cart days – yes, this is an obvious and superfluous statement. However, we are where we are – wrongly or rightly. There have to be better ways to correct our path towards a greener and more biofriendly environment than flapping about hysterically and suggesting we move back to the treetops. OK, so that might have been a little on the drama-queenish side, but I think we need to look beyond the quick fixes (albeit valid) and direct our efforts towards more solid solutions. A technology that will give us an abundance of energy with zero impact on the environment, which allows us to burn a million blinking pretty Christmas lights day and night, and drive a Hummer one mile or a million with absolutely, positively no guilt whatsoever.

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