Ecofriendly Ways to Make Halloween a Real Treat

Image by Josh Grenler via Flickr Creative Commons license.

Halloween is a fun time of year! Most kids (and adults) really enjoy dressing in costume, going trick-or-treating, and celebrating with family or friends. Halloween is known for its tricks, however. Some of these tricks are all in good fun, while others may have more of a negative environmental impact.  If you’re looking to turn the odds in your favor, and make your Halloween activities a real treat, we’ve got a few ecofriendly ways to help give you a leg up.

Green Your Treats

As a kid, you probably heard (more than once) about how candy would rot your teeth. While this may be true, many kids still love the thrill of going house to house collecting candy and other edible treats. Luckily, healthy Halloween treats do exist. Instead of handing out traditional candy this Halloween, consider one or more of these tasty options:

  • Natural and organic fruit leather
  • Honey sticks
  • Apple cider packets (perfect for a warm drink after a long night of treat-or-treating)
  • Organic lollipops
  • Fair trade, organic chocolates
  • Natural gummy worms

With so many healthy, organic and natural candies available these days, we recommend finding an organic alternative so you can green your treats this Halloween. Here are another 11 Natural Halloween Candy Options (+Allergy Friendly) worth considering.

Be Ecofriendly With Your Costume Choices

For those you who haven’t already put together your Halloween costumes, we’ve got a couple of ideas to help you be ecofriendly with your costume choices. Ecofriendly can be done in a variety of ways, of course. You can:

  • Make your own costume using organic fabrics.
  • Find a supplier who sells non-toxic and natural materials.
  • Re-use or re-purpose other clothes (or even past costumes) into a new creation.

Thrift stores and consignment shops are a great resource for Halloween costumes (and even for any type of costume party). Not only can buying your costume from a thrift store save you quite a bit of money, you’re more likely to come up with a unique design. You don’t have to go out and spend lots of money on the latest and greatest craze, of which you’ll probably see quite a few others dressed the same. Get creative. Make your own. It’s much better to re-purpose materials or re-use what you already have then to buy a brand new costume you’ll probably wear only once.

Turn to Nature For Your Party Themes

Planning a Halloween party? Well, how about turning to nature to accentuate your party theme? Instead of buying a bunch of one-use items, some plastic banners, paper streamers or cut flowers, you can choose to use any of these natural options to decorate your party:

  • Pumpkins (you can use big ones, small ones, turn the pumpkins into Jack-0-Lanterns, etc.)
  • Gourds (so many different colors and sizes)
  • Fallen leaves (depending on where you live, you can find a variety of colors, types and shapes)
  • Acorns
  • Apples and other fruits (or veggies)
  • Potted plants or succulents
  • Logs or branches from trees

Pinterest is loaded with natural decor ideas.  In all honesty, the options are limitless. You just have to take a little time and tap into your creative side. Once you do that, you’ll have no trouble making Halloween a real treat! Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

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