Could JPods Be the Future of Transportation?

JPods sustainable transportation PRT

When most people think about future forms of transportation, flying cars (like in the Jetsons or Back to the Future) are probably the first thing that comes to mind.  While it would be great to have a car with flying capabilities, this is not necessary the direction future transportation is heading. Elon Musk recently criticized the idea of flying cars based on gravity being a primary concern.

Others have their expectations a little further off the ground, albeit not quite as high as a flying vehicle would go. Now, hybrid and electric vehicles are great so long as they get their energy from a renewable energy source. Mass transit is also key in large cities, major metropolitan areas and when transporting people and cargo across longer distances. The question is, how do you add additional forms of transportation, particularly in areas already lacking in usable space? The people behind JPods believe they have it all worked out.

JPods is a suspended, individual carriage rail system intended to operate above the existing roads and flow of traffic so as to ease congestion. In some cases, it can even be tied onto structures already in place. It is solar-powered, so will not have to be fueled by foreign oil, fossil fuels or other non-renewable energy sources. It also offers an unique perspective on personal rapid transit. This rail system is not designed to operate similar to existing trains. JPods are a series of independent carriages which can be used to transport people, cargo or waste from one designation to another. JPods could be the future of transportation as these vehicles are supposed to be safer, faster, cleaner and more affordable than many other mass transit options.

JPods: On-demand Mobility from Bill James on Vimeo.

This rail system is not a pie in the sky dream either. According to GizMag, JPods has plans underway to build and test their innovative rail system in Secaucus, New Jersey.

As car owners, we want vehicles that demonstrate an enhanced fuel economy from what is currently on the market today. Those vehicles do not have to be personal vehicles per se. When talking about mass transit, personal rapid transit (such as JPods and other similar rail systems) may be sustainable transportation our society one day hopes to achieve.

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