Chic Eco Transportation (w/videos)

You may not be a car enthusiast. You may not even be 100% environmentally-conscious in your transportation choices. But neither of those points matter here, because once you take a look at these forms of chic eco transportation, you might decide it’s time for a change.

Now I’m not talking about public transportation…although I do like the concept of the straddling buses in China or high-speed rail coming to California. And walking or riding your bike are great ways to get around (and get some exercise). However right now, I’m talking about personal transportation, the kind you might find parked in your driveway someday.

Whether you already have an electric vehicle you wouldn’t trade for the world, a hybrid you couldn’t do without or your trusty but “not so environmentally-friendly” vehicle (that really needs an effective fuel additive to drive it anywhere) I still think you’ll find at least one of these vehicles will catch your eye.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell:

Renault DeZir (Concept Car):

Porsche 918 Spyder Electric Hybrid:

Brammo Empulse: (with additional photos for the Empulse here)

Terrafugia Transition:

Aptera 2e:

MIT’s CityCar (video also shows their GreenWheel electric bike attachment):

Of course if the electric car had caught on almost 100 years ago, we probably wouldn’t be dealing with the pollution and harmful emissions we are dealing with today. I mean take a look at this electric car from 1914…..

Just imagine what transportation today would have been like if electric vehicles, not gasoline-powered vehicles, had been what auto makers decided to build over the last hundred years.

Luckily for consumers, with auto makers continuing to move towards more environmentally-friendly options, that will pretty much guarantee an eco option for almost anyone.

What do you think the future of personal transportation holds? Are SEVs (Space Efficient Vehicles) going to be the wave of the future? What form of chic eco transportation would best suit your needs?

To see more green or eco transportation options, check out the winners of the Green Car Awards 2010.


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