Can beach living be green, plus affordable?

living green by the beach 

Image by stevendamron

Have you ever wanted to live by the beach but just couldn’t afford it?  I know I have.  Well, now in Santa Monica, CA you can do just that for only about $1327 a month.  Yes, you can live just blocks away from the beach in apartments that are green, plus affordable.  Okay, so you’re probably wondering what’s the catch?

The first catch…each apartment is only 375 sq feet.  But that’s not too bad, right?  Each apartment is built in loft format with a kitchen, living room and bathroom downstairs and a loft bedroom upstairs.  If you’re a bachelor (or bachelorette) or maybe even a couple, it could suit you quite well.  And don’t forget, you’re only blocks from the beach!

The other catch…these apartments are part of an affordable housing project.  Therefore, each person who wants to lease an apartment must meet moderate-income restrictions as set by the City of Santa Monica.  For one person, the maximum gross income is $53,100 and for two people, the maximum gross income is $60,600.

On the upside, the apartments have easy access to freeways and shopping, have controlled access, an on-site laundry facility, underground parking, stainless steel appliances (hopefully Energy Star) and are pre-wired for high speed internet and DirecTV.

Also if you work in/near Santa Monica it makes living in one of these apartments all that more green, plus affordable.  Just think, you’ll save a lot on gasoline, produce less harmful emissions (due to less travel time…and yes, you can always use a good fuel additive for the travel you are doing), have less air pollution and breathe cleaner air by living near the beach, etc., etc.  So if you don’t mind living in a small apartment, I’d say these are worth checking out.

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