California Spreading Its Hazardous Waste Problem Across the Nation

A few weeks ago I wrote about California’s Hazardous Waste Problem and gave you a little insight into how California seems to be unable to keep up with its own hazardous waste generation. The situation is so bad, in fact, that California has been shipping out toxic and hazardous waste to 31 different states. That’s right…31 other states across the nation are now taking in hazardous waste materials that were generated here in California.

The states most impacted by California’s growing export are Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. These five states import close to 93% of the hazardous waste being exported by the state of California. Details about the types of toxic materials being sent out of state, how much is being shipped out and specifics on where these materials are going can all be found in the following infographic:

Considering the fact that California seems to take pride in all of the various environmentally-friendly actions it is involved in, shouldn’t efforts be made to curb the amount of hazardous waste materials being generated? What are your thoughts on the matter? What do you think California could and should do about this problem?

Two things most people can do on an immediate basis is opt for more natural, earth-friendly cleaning supplies and switch to organic pesticides. If we make ourselves aware of the alternatives to toxic cleaning products, learn how to use organic, toxin-free pest control methods and invest in more all-natural products (or make them ourselves), that is just one small step we can take towards generating less hazardous waste materials. What other steps can you take?

Image provided by eek the cat at Flickr Creative Commons. Infographic provided by American Resources Policy Network.

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