Boy Scouts and Environmental Preservation

leave no trace environment 

Image by Jason Pratt

For any of you who used to be a boy scout or have kids who are boy scouts, you know the Boy Scouts of America believe “that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society”.  They also consider it one of their aims to help boys develop into good citizens and as such, practice sound environmental living and conservation of natural resources.

Well, I for one agree with them.  It is groups like the Boy Scouts that help install good morals and views regarding the proper treatment of the environment and others.  While there are many wonderful scout programs, one such program allows scouts to earn a “Leave No Trace” patch.   The patch is pretty self-explanatory in that scouts become educated and show they can respect their environment and make it possible for future generations to also enjoy the outdoors.

Just think how much better preserved and protected our national parks and deserts would be if everyone applied that one guideline…leave no trace.  You wouldn’t see the trash and pollution you currently see and nature wouldn’t suffer as a result of people’s mistreatment of the environment.  If that then carried over to your town or city…imagine how clean the streets would be.

I know we usually leave some kind of evidence that we have been places, whether it be from car exhaust (even with a good fuel additive or hybrid car) or from footprints, etc.  But if each person made an effort to leave no trace, we’d probably start seeing some results right away.

So let’s take a pointer or two from the Boy Scouts and practice some of their values regarding environmental preservation.  The world would definitely be a much better place.

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