Biofriendly Tricks to Get Money-Saving Treats at the Pump

Image by Jason Tester via Flickr Creative Commons license

Image by Jason Tester via Flickr Creative Commons license

Unless you drive an electric vehicle (EV) seven days a week or use public transportation 100% of the time, the thought has probably crossed your mind as to what you can do to save money at the gas pump. I mean who doesn’t want to pay less for gas? Who isn’t interested in having a few extra bucks? Who wouldn’t think improved fuel efficiency and better gas mileage is a good idea? Fortunately, most people do want these things and we’ve got a few biofriendly tricks to help yield you some gas- and money-saving treats.

Biofriendly Tricks

October is the month of tricks and treats (Halloween,  you know). Thankfully these biofriendly tricks can be used throughout the year, of course, but you might as well get started now.

Keep your vehicle’s tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires can actually reduce gas mileage. Having properly inflated tires (as per your vehicle’s owners manual) will keep you and your family safe, as well as help maximize gas mileage to give you more bang for your buck.

Use a liquid fuel catalyst. You’ve probably heard about fuel additives at some point. Maybe you’ve wondered whether or not a fuel additive is something you should use. Well, Biofriendly Corporation has developed a tested and proven liquid fuel catalyst that is one of the “tricks” you’ll want to use on a regular basis. In fact, with our Green Plus® catalyst, you can actually:

  • remove build up from your engine,
  • reduce harmful emissions by up to 45 percent,
  • improve engine power by up to 11 percent, and
  • increase fuel economy by up to 9 percent.

The Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst is available for both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Map out your route ahead of time, particularly if you have a hybrid or vehicle running on alternative fuels. Using your vehicle’s GPS to find the fastest route to your intended destination will help you save on gas, cut down drive time and reduce idling time (aka time spent sitting in traffic). It can also help you determine where to fuel up along the way. This can be particularly beneficial for those with hybrid, electric or alternative fuel vehicles as not all gas stations have these options available.

Do routine maintenance. An “in-tune” vehicle gets an estimated four percent better gas mileage than an out of tune vehicle. Keeping your vehicle adequately maintained will also help it last longer and save you money on maintenance in the long run.

Carpool whenever possible. If you are able to carpool to work or school, do so. This is a simple way to save on gas money. You can also opt for public transportation as another way to save on gas and reduce emissions.

Turn off your vehicle when you are parked. This can apply whether you are picking up your kids at school, waiting in the parking lot for a loved one to come out of the store, sitting in a drive-thru restaurant line or at any other time. Idling uses up gasoline and continuously emits harmful toxins into the air.

Drive smart – driving too fast (or rapidly accelerating and braking) reduces fuel economy by up to 30+ percent on major highways and 5 percent on local streets. It can also be reckless and quite dangerous. Driving sensibly and adhering to posted speed limits is one of the easiest tricks to saving gas.

Money-Saving Treats

Although I mentioned some of the gas- and money-saving treats you can get from following our biofriendly tricks, this kind of sums up the benefits available to you:

  • Spend less money on gas
  • Won’t have to fill up at the pump quite as often
  • Increase the life-expectancy of your vehicle with proper maintenance and care
  • Fewer repairs
  • Improved engine function
  • Lowered harmful emissions
  • Increased fuel efficiency

We hope you’ll put to use some (or all) of our biofriendly tricks designed to help you save money. If you have any other biofriendly, gas-saving tricks you want to share, please let us know. We’d love to hear them!


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