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Well, it’s that wonderful time of the week again – Friday… last day of the working week.  So lets end this week off on a note of celebrations with this BBC article on Scotland’s T in the Park festival. 

The T in the Park festival, to be held at Baldo near Kinross, has been awarded the title of the first Green‘n’Clean event in Scotland.  This year’s festival will run from July 11th to the 13th, and organisers of the event have proclaimed it to still be the largest carbon-neutral festival in the world.

“We are delighted to have won this prestigious award which recognises that T in the Park is a festival that is genuinely concerned about the environment…  Green has become the new black in some respects but we have made a real effort to ensure that the changes we have introduced will really reduce the impact we have on the environment ensuring that future generations of music fans will be able to enjoy T in the Park… We aren’t perfect and we have a long way to go which is indicative of society as a whole but we will continue to review our practices and we thank T in the Park fans for working with us on this and urge them to continue to take pride in the beautiful site we have at Baldo”, says director of the festival Geoff Ellis.

The international award is awarded to an event that shows the greatest initiatives across the areas of sustainable management, transportation, waste management, energy efficiency, power and catering.  So yes, you can have a great day with musical entertainment and show support in protecting the environment at the same time… doing the right thing by Mother Earth doesn’t have to be chore.

 If you are in the area, here is the link for information regarding the festival:  Have a great weekend everybody!

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