Automotive X PRIZE Hot and Heavy with Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to fuel efficiency, most people strive for the best. They want the most fuel efficient vehicle they can get…within their budget, of course. But sometimes affordable, high fuel efficiency vehicles seem to be few and far between. Luckily the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE is aiming to change all of that.

Automotive X PRIZEThe goal of the Progressive Auto X PRIZE is “to inspire a new generation of viable, safe, affordable and super fuel efficient vehicles that people want to buy.”

And if the competition sounds familiar, this particular competition is one of the latest from the X PRIZE Foundation, known for their creative contests and competitions that tend to draw out the very best in innovation and inspiration.

So, with oil use and oil dependence a subject of great discussion and debate, especially in recent months, it only makes sense that they would have a prize for automotive.

Since the Automotive X PRIZE plans to reward $10 million dollars in September 2010 to the “first team to build a car that gets at least 100 MPGe in real world driving and is safe, affordable and desirable to offer consumers more efficient vehicle choices“, you can only imagine the competition is hot and heavy. Some teams have already been eliminated, but as of Round 2 there are still 15 teams going strong.

Let’s take a look at a few of these 100 MPGe (vehicles that could spark the next auto revolution:

The Aptera

Edison2 – Very Light Car

Li-ion Motors – Wave II

ZAP – Alias

There is even a fan favorite sweepstakes where you can vote for which vehicle(s) would best represent and revolutionize the automotive industry. Categories include: most stylish (voting concluded – the winner was the Alias by ZAP), most innovative, most practical and which vehicle you would want to own. Now through July 26th you can place your vote for the most innovative and have a chance to win $3000!

Don’t forget to follow along as I’m sure the competition will get even hotter as the Automotive X PRIZE competition closes in on a winner. Who’s your favorite? Which team do you think came up with a winner for the most fuel efficient, production-ready “clean” vehicle?


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