A Declaration For Biofriendly Skies

The third Aviation & Environment Summit for 2008 was held in Geneva last week, which saw industry leaders make a commitment to work together to reduce the negative effects that air travel has on the environment.  A declaration was signed by 13 organizations within the industry, which commits them to developing new technologies for improved fuel efficiency, air routes, traffic management and airport infrastructure, as well as a reduction in emissions.

From this Daily Times article, among those who signed the declaration, were aircraft manufacturing giants Boeing and Airbus.  Both companies put competition aside and agreed to work together for more biofriendly skies.

“We need to make the air traffic management system inter-operable in both the US and Europe, said Eric Stefanello from Airbus.

“Airbus and Boeing are committed to action.  The fact that we are sitting here today despite the highly competitive nature of our business demonstrates and underscores the joint commitment to addressing and helping solve the environmental challenges facing our industry” said Scott Carson from Boeing.

The industry looks dedicated to making changes to improve aviations’ impact on the environment, and with cooperation between leaders of the industry working towards the same goal, I think they could pave the way for some exciting new technology in the reduction of pollution – as well as boosting their profit margins, efficiency and cross our fingers – safer and swifter travel for us all.

For more information on aviation and the environment or to see the declaration, go to www.enviro.aero.

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