8 Green Ideas in Honor of St. Patrick’s Day

Image by Gabrielle via Flickr Creative Commons license

Image by Gabrielle via Flickr Creative Commons license

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought it would be a good time to share a few green ideas in honor of this Irish holiday. Even those who aren’t Irish by descent can take part in the festivities and incorporate these green activities and actions into their plans this St. Patrick’s Day. Some of these you may be familiar with and others may be new, but either way, it won’t take much to fill your day with green:

Green Your Food

Although many people may consider going with a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal, you may want to consider venturing out into a new food realm by trying out some of these green and healthy food options. Many of the recipes are vegetarian and some are even vegan, but all of them are green. No food coloring required.

Green the Taste of Your Beer, Not the Color

While alcohol consumption is often associated with those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you don’t have to force yourself to drink green-colored beer. If you stock up on these organic beer options, you’ll have plenty of “green” beer for your evening celebrations and the rest of the year as well.

Green Alternative to Pasta 

Those who are Irish Italian may already have plans to eat some pasta as part of their St. Patrick’s Day meal. Well, I’ve got a green alternative for that too. No…it’s not pasta with green food coloring, in fact, it’s not pasta at all. Swap out your regular pasta for a gluten-free, veggie pasta using zucchini or other vegetables. Believe it or not, it’s really tasty and easy to make. I make mine with a Veggetti and just saute the veggies in a pan. Perfect green replacement for more traditional pasta.

Natural Green Food Coloring

As not everything comes the color green, it is not uncommon to find people using green food coloring to make party appear a little more festive. Unfortunately, food coloring often contains harmful ingredients and is not good for the body. Rather than taint your food and drinks with store-bought food coloring just to get the tint you want, consider a natural food coloring. Pinterest is filled with natural food coloring and dye ideas so you’ll have plenty of options.

Give Your Gas a Little Green Plus 

Those who don’t have electric or hybrid vehicles can green up their cars this St. Patrick’s Day (and beyond) by giving their gas a little Green Plus®. Green Plus is a liquid fuel catalyst developed by Biofriendly Corporation for the purpose of reducing harmful emissions. It also has the added benefit of being able to improve fuel economy. In fact, government certified labs on five separate continents have proven Green Plus effective at reducing emissions, increased engine power and improving fuel economy. Green Plus in your gas tank can also save quite a bit of green (money, that is) at the gas pump.

Green and Organic Cleaning Solutions

Got guests coming over for a St. Patrick’s Day party? Take the time to make your own green, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Cucumbers are great for shining shoes and even polishing stainless steel. Lime peels down your drain can help remove bad odors, added to vinegar and water it makes a tough cleaning solution, and even can be used as an air freshener. Don’t forget, organic fruits and veggies can help naturally clean out your insides as well.

Pull Out Your Green Recycling Bin and Put It To Good Use

If you are planning to have a party, or even have just a few close friends over for dinner and drinks, break out the reusable plates, silverware and cups. No need to be wasteful or fill up your trash can with non-recyclable items. For those bottles and cans you can’t avoid, well…pull out your green recycling bin and put it to good use. Encourage your guests to recycle as much as possible and minimize food and other waste.

Fill Your Home With Green Plants

Shamrocks and clovers are often the plants we associate with St. Patrick’s Day, but filling your home with any type of green plant is a good idea. Certain types of green plants not only add life to your home, but are actually very good at filtering out indoor air pollution and improving the quality of air you and your family breathe. Check out these nine air-purifying houseplants, many of which are extremely hard to kill (which is great for those you who don’t necessarily have a green thumb).

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that green is not just a color this St. Patrick’s Day, it’s also a way of life. Choosing to green your St. Patrick’s Day means you are doing something for yourself and the environment around you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day for you and yours!

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