environmental advocacy organizations to join

6 Environmental Advocacy Organizations to Join This Year

Many of the biggest environmental advocacy groups are making strides in the battle against climate change. They aim to protect the Earth and offer sustainability education to people worldwide.

With the new year on the horizon, joining these organizations can be a meaningful resolution. You get to help the planet and strengthen your resolve for an environmental advocacy cause close to you.

environmental advocacy organizations to join

The Reason to Join Environmental Interest Groups

Climate change endangers the planet and its inhabitants. Governments and organizations around the world are doing their best to slow it down, but personal fears can still come despite that. Thus, the question of how to manage those feelings comes to light.

Around 84% of children and young adults admit they are moderately worried about climate change, while about 59% are apprehensive. Climate anxiety can be hard to deal with, especially with the daily news of what’s happening to our environment.

Every person copes differently with their climate anxiety. Some try to connect more with nature, bringing their family and friends to activities in the forest and sea. Others try to make lifestyle changes and form a mindset to support sustainable brands instead. 

In addition to those practices, you should join an environmental advocacy organization. Working with other like-minded people who want to spark a change can make an impact on stopping climate change and saving the environment.

What Groups Are Fighting Against Climate Change?

Many big names, such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Oceana, are fighting against climate change. However, for this list, we’ll focus on various national and local organizations doing their work in specific sectors of our society.

1. For Farming: Kestrel Land Trust

About 35% of global food crops depend on pollinators like bees and butterflies. Kestrel Land Trust is an organization in Amherst, MA that cares for farms while being considerate of wildlife inhabitants. In addition to saving the land, they also offer an array of trail maps to help you connect with nature in different parts of Pioneer Valley.

2. For Clothing: FABSCRAP

The recycling rate of textiles in 2018 was 14.7%, taking care of 2.5 million tons of municipal waste. If you want to improve the recycling rate, join FABSCRAP in Brooklyn, New York. This organization aims to recycle and reuse fabric scraps. If you have an eye for design, sewing or crafts, this may be the best environmental interest group for you.

3. For Beauty: Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) educates American consumers on health and lifestyle products. Regarding beauty, EWG’s Skin Deep® has a robust database of ingredients and their impact on you and the environment. For instance, you can search for siloxanes, volatile organic compounds that contaminate the air and water when they linger.

4. For Funerals: Green Burial Council

Conventional burial practices are hazardous, compromising the health of embalmers and the environment. The Green Burial Council offers sustainable cemeteries that promote plant and wildlife protection. They utilize biodegradable caskets and headstones for loved ones who have passed. 

5. For Clean Energy: PennFuture

A clean energy economy is paramount when it comes to combatting climate change and helping the Earth heal. PennFuture envisions that for Pennsylvania, serving as a watchful eye for climate threats in the state. They also invite people to raise environmental issues with officials. (You can find similar non-profits in your area.)

6. For Policy-Making: Southern Environmental Law Center

Change begins in the courtroom and the Southern Environmental Law Center ensures they represent the Earth. In July 2020, the organization was able to cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, a considerable methane gas project in the South.

Participate in a Cause for the Environment

There are many environmental advocacy organizations with their own niche. It can be empowering to contribute to these groups and make a difference. Consider one of the groups above or find another environmental advocacy organization you will connect with.

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