4 Smart Ways to Lower Vehicle Emissions

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Well, if you live anywhere in the Los Angeles area,you know how crowded the 405 freeway can get. Talk about an emission and congestion nightmare. Then you also probably know that this weekend the 405 freeway is being closed between the 10 and the 101. This closure is being done so they can demolish half of the Mulholland Bridge in order to widen the freeway and create a carpool lane from Orange County to the San Fernando Valley.

So I figured, with that happening and “Carmageddon” traffic on surrounding freeways expected to get to nightmare levels, it would be a good time to cover some smart ways to lower vehicle emissions.

1) Plan your trip route ahead of time: Road closures, construction and traffic are all major factors when it comes to driving time. Sitting on the freeway idling does nothing but waste gas, spew emissions and pollute the environment. Not to mention how frustrating it can be. So going online to check traffic, using your GPS and planning alternative routes can help get you where you need to go without any added hassle or waste.

2) Add a proven fuel catalyst: When the hydrocarbons in your fuel get bundled together, they often won’t burn completely. This is how you get harmful exhaust and emissions. One way to lower these emissions is by adding a catalyst that will help unbundle the hydrocarbons and allow more of the fuel to burn. It’s a win-win, reduction of emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

3) Stop idling. This one I’ve mentioned many times before but it bears repeating. If you find yourself sitting in your vehicle waiting for someone, don’t idle, turn your vehicle off. When you are ready to go again you can turn it back on and be on your way. Idling wastes gas and produces unnecessary emissions. Of course, if we had this Eco-Star technology in place, it could go far in reducing idling emissions:

4) Take public transportation: This may be a no-brainer, but when you need to commute to work or travel to visit family and friends, check out public transportation options. Using public transportation is a great and smart way to lower vehicle emissions. Besides the more people that opt for public transportation, the less traffic on the roads.

Additional tips for this weekend if you live in the Los Angeles area:

a) Stay away from the 405.

b) If you don’t need to drive anywhere, don’t.

c) If you need to go somewhere ride the Metro – it’s free this weekend.

d) If the Metro doesn’t work for you, extra buses have been added to try and ease travel in and around the area.

But, whether you are driving in Los Angeles, or any other part of the world, if you follow these smart and simple ways to lower vehicle emissions, you’ll make yourself and the environment a little bit happier.

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